My Top 20 Best Movies of 2017

As much I rail on the bad movies of 2017, there were plenty of good movies too. Some were entertaining and nothing more, some were very outstanding and noteworthy films. Basically, there were A LOT of good movies, so many that I couldn’t keep it down to ten. Hell, I tried to keep it down to 15 and even that wasn’t enough. So, I just expanded it to twenty this time around. Anyway, here it is: Read More


My Trinity of Sinfully Bad Movies of 2015

I didn’t see a lot of bad movies in 2015. That would be a good thing, but that doesn’t mean I didn’t see any bad movies AT ALL. I only saw three movies that I consider to be the worst of 2015, and since I only saw three, I’ve humorously dubbed them the “Trinity of Sinfully Bad Movies of 2015”. The ones that made me feel unpleasant, angry, frustrated, annoyed, or even straight up flip the bird at the movie screen. One of these movies is only bad in a “so bad it’s good” way, but still bad, while the others are just unnecessary, stupid, and just, well, BAD (the all-caps means that they are real pieces of shit). Now, this is just my opinion, as I’m sure there were other bad movies or even worse ones than the ones on this list. Here we go: Read More