My Second Top 5 Characters for Young Justice


So yeah, I’m gonna make this a thing like with my Legends of Tomorrow character lists. Honestly, thinking about both of those shows, they are in a way similar to each other, though they do use different methods of storytelling, different formats on which to do them (i.e. YJ is animated and LOT is live-action), and yet they kinda have different yet similar premises to each other, in which both shows are about a wide variety of characters from DC Comics and team up together and go on missions together, difference between em is that YJ is about, as the title suggests, the young characters, while LOT has heroes and villains teaming up together. With both of these shows having these elements, it allows them to incorporate a lot of characters, concepts, and ideas to be put into them, no matter how unlikely or difficult it is, and manages to pull it off well. That being said, there’s still plenty of characters that can be put into the show, regardless of whether they be members of the Team, supporting characters, or antagonists. Here we go: Read More


My Third Top 10 Characters for DC’s Legends of Tomorrow

With the Arrowverse shows getting renewed for more seasons, and the upcoming Flash/Supergirl crossover, it seems that DC is doing an okay job so far of managing their live-action multiverse. Legends of Tomorrow is still DC’s premiere team-up show, meaning that ANY characters now can be incorporated into it, regardless of which show they first appear in, universe they inhabit, or even what network it’s on (that is depending on if there’ll ever be a crossover between Gotham and the other DC shows, which I imagine probably won’t happen for a while). However, there are some characters and/or ideas shown in the Arrowverse before that have left me wondering if they’ll ever be seen or explored again, and I think LOT could be a good way to bring them back. Read More