Joss Whedon Leaving Batgirl Isn’t A Big Deal, So Let Me Explain

Joss Whedon and Batgirl

First off, let me just say that I love and respect Joss Whedon. He’s an amazing writer and director, having made some of the best TV shows ever, wrote amazing comics, and even wrote/directed one of the best superhero movies ever made (plus a less than stellar sequel). His approach to character and storytelling is nothing short of phenomenal. He’s not perfect, sure, but he’s one of the best and for good reason.

After having problems with Marvel regarding them interfering with Avengers 2, his vision for it, and the mixed reactions after it came out as well as the effect it’s had on his life, he left them. Then he decided to go to DC, which must’ve seemed like a major middle finger to Marvel/Disney, and make a Batgirl movie set in the DC Extended Universe, which he would write, direct, and produce. Not only that, but he took over post-production duties on Justice League after Zack Snyder left to be with his family following the death of his daughter. While the movie wasn’t a major game-changer, it was an okay movie, and it seemed to follow in the same course correction that the DCEU was taking after Wonder Woman became a huge success. Then it was announced that he was leaving Batgirl, and if I’m gonna be honest, I don’t think it’s that big of a deal. Read More


Convergence #8 Comic Review

Convergence #8

Rating: 2/5

Writer(s): Jeff King and Scott Lobdell

Artist(s): Stephen Segovia, Carlo Pagulayan, Eduardo Pansica, Ethan Van Sciver, Jason Paz, Scott Hanna, Trevor Scott, and Peter Steigerwald

It’s finally friggin OVER. While the story as a whole isn’t entirely terrible, it just felt bloated, boring, nonsensical even for a superhero comic and crossover, and really inconsequential given the ending for it and what led up to it. Forever Evil may have been a bit bloated and prolonging, but at least it was exciting and there were stakes in it. Convergence, on the other hand, was just bleh. The story focused on mostly the Earth 2 characters rather than involving everything DC for the entire story, New 52 universe didn’t appear until the sixth issue and even then they didn’t play that much of a role other than “wait and see” which they still do even in THIS issue (HOW ARE THESE PEOPLE SUPERHEROES? HOW? TELL ME HOW?!!!!!), kept switching from antagonist to antagonist with each one overpowered until some tiny thing beats them and renders them useless, pacing was on/off at various points, A LOT of the story was told in tie-ins (which I might get to, I did read some of them and they were pretty good), and in the end it didn’t really matter because everything turned out fine, which I’ll get to. Read More

Convergence #7 Comic Review

Convergence #7

Rating: 3/5

Writer(s): Jeff King and Scott Lobdell

Artist(s): Aaron Lopresti, Mark Morales, and Peter Steigerwald

Things are almost finally coming to a close in this issue, yet some things are thrown in and make it confusing. There’s this giant monolith thing called “the great Oracle”, and Cyborg has good sense to question what it is, to which Batman explains that Superman encountered it before in some story, which isn’t even given a text reference or anything within the comic, so I have no idea. Superman is finally out of the “wait and see” mode and starts trying to save people, which include characters from Stormwatch (wait I thought they got killed or something?), and to provide more inconsistency, while the other New 52 heroes from last issue return, Guy Gardner is now a Green Lantern again, though previously he was a Red Lantern. Consistency, what’s that? Read More

Convergence #6 Comic Review

Convergence #6

Rating: 3/5

Writer(s): Jeff King and Scott Lobdell

Artist(s): Ed Benes, Eduardo Pansica, Trevor Scott, Scott Hanna, Wayne Faucher, and Peter Steigerwald

So, after SIX ISSUES (plus the zero issue), the New 52 universe comes into play in this story. Okay, technically the New 52 was involved with this story from the beginning, having Superman in the zero issue and the revised version of Earth 2 taking up most of the story so far until now, but it took up til near the end for the New 52 universe to show up? It’s just another example of how this isn’t much of a crossover and more of a showcase of Earth 2, with additional stuff. Read More