Joss Whedon Leaving Batgirl Isn’t A Big Deal, So Let Me Explain

Joss Whedon and Batgirl

First off, let me just say that I love and respect Joss Whedon. He’s an amazing writer and director, having made some of the best TV shows ever, wrote amazing comics, and even wrote/directed one of the best superhero movies ever made (plus a less than stellar sequel). His approach to character and storytelling is nothing short of phenomenal. He’s not perfect, sure, but he’s one of the best and for good reason.

After having problems with Marvel regarding them interfering with Avengers 2, his vision for it, and the mixed reactions after it came out as well as the effect it’s had on his life, he left them. Then he decided to go to DC, which must’ve seemed like a major middle finger to Marvel/Disney, and make a Batgirl movie set in the DC Extended Universe, which he would write, direct, and produce. Not only that, but he took over post-production duties on Justice League after Zack Snyder left to be with his family following the death of his daughter. While the movie wasn’t a major game-changer, it was an okay movie, and it seemed to follow in the same course correction that the DCEU was taking after Wonder Woman became a huge success. Then it was announced that he was leaving Batgirl, and if I’m gonna be honest, I don’t think it’s that big of a deal. Read More


Batman and Harley Quinn Movie Review

Batman and Harley Quinn poster


Rating: 2/5

I guess with Justice League out now, having Batman and other DC heroes joining together to save the world, it’d be perfect to review a blunder of a teamup movie, Batman and Harley Quinn, in which Batman and Nightwing join forces with Harley Quinn to stop Poison Ivy and Floronic Man from taking over the world. [M. Bison impression] Of course! Read More

My First Top 5 Characters for Young Justice


So it’s been confirmed that Young Justice is coming back for a third season! Hooray! This has been something me and many other people have been hoping to happen for a LONG time. I’ll admit, at the time that it aired on TV, I didn’t get to watch it much, but what I did see of it was very good, and I’m glad it was well-received and had a strong loyal fanbase, and thankfully I’ve made up for that by watching ALL the episodes on the blu ray releases and loving how awesome it is to this day.

Young Justice was about a group of young superheroes trying to prove themselves to be full-fledged superheroes, instead of sidekicks as regarded by their mentors and older counterparts, by taking on covert missions against the Justice League’s enemies, who’ve formed their own group known as “The Light” (really just another nickname for the Secret Society of Super Villains or Legion of Doom). The show was like a mix of the youthful energy of Teen Titans and the scale/scope of Justice League/Justice League Unlimited, with the emotional depth and wider universe appeal of both added to it as well as that of the DC Universe as a whole. Read More

Suicide Squad Movie Review



Rating: 3/5

This year, DC released two movies that are part of the DC Extended Universe (and I’m kinda over the naming of it, but whatever) that started with Man of Steel. There was Batman/Superman: Dawn of Justice (yes I intentionally left the “versus” part out of the title, which I will get to when I review that movie), which has been really divisive among audiences, and there was Suicide Squad, not as divisive but a somewhat better general consensus. To put it simply, BS was a beautiful explosion of a movie that had a lot of good things in it but conveyed in a bizarre manner that confused, excited, amazed, frustrated, and depressed you all at the same time, while Suicide Squad is more or less a fun action romp that doesn’t take itself too seriously but not so much that it’s completely silly. Read More

Batman: The Killing Joke Movie Review


Rating: 3/5

So after years of waiting and speculation, all the influences of the graphic novel in various media such as movies, shows, and video games, and even a Facebook page dedicated to petitioning Mark Hamill to be cast as The Joker for it, there’s finally an animated movie adaptation of Batman: The Killing Joke, based on the graphic novel of the same name written by Alan Moore and drawn by Brian Bolland. Sadly I didn’t get to see it in theaters, but I’m amazed and happy that it got a theatrical release, limited as it was, so of course I went out and bought the blu ray/DVD combo as soon as I could. As far as DC animated movies are concerned, I like what I’ve seen of them. While they are hit or miss on the live-action comic adaptation side of things, they definitely are reigning champs of animation (but fuck Teen Titans GO!). Some of the recent animated movies they’ve done have been a bit iffy at times, though Justice League: Gods and Monsters is a clear exception to this, and now with Batman: The Killing Joke, it’s kind of in-between. I’m glad this movie got made and came out, but I can still find problems with it. Not too many, but some big ones. Read More

Justice League: Gods and Monsters Movie Review

Justice League Gods and Monsters movie

Rating: 5/5

It’s nice to know that with the multiple universes that DC is doing with their current run of shows, movies, animation, video games, and of course comics, there can also be room for new ones, and that’s where this movie fits in.

I grew up on the DC Animated Universe, watching Batman: The Animated Series, Superman: The Animated Series, Justice League/Justice League Unlimited, Static Shock and Batman Beyond (my favorite, btw), and loving the storylines, characters, voice acting, animation, and how while they were adaptations, they just felt so original to me and still are. Heck, at one point I thought these characters only existed in this stuff, I didn’t know much about the comics they were based on until I got older. To me, that seemed like part of the magic of the DCAU that Bruce Timm helped create, and while that universe hasn’t made a comeback yet (at least not on TV or film, I know it continued in the Batman Beyond comics before the current one), it’s nice to know Timm has continued his involvement with DC on the animation side and isn’t fresh out of ideas, and this movie clearly shows that.

This movie is a nice breath of fresh air among all the animated adaptations that have come out of the DC Animated Original Movies line. I do enjoy those, but it’s good that there can be room for ideas that aren’t based on a specific storyline or tying in to another universe. Also, it’s nice to know that this movie doesn’t try to come out as a multiverse story like Injustice: Gods Among Us, because while the audience can be made aware this is set in another universe, it doesn’t have to make it THAT obvious or crossover with another universe, taking away whatever story could’ve been told simply with that universe alone, presenting it as if it was actually happening, though at the end the movie does hint at multiverse stuff. Justice League: Gods and Monsters does throw in some things people would be familiar with, but then twists it around and runs with it. There is also the comics and animated series that tie-in to this movie, yet really just expand on the characters’ origin stories and solo adventures. The first season of said animated series, consisting of three episodes, does that and I think it takes place before the movie, and with a second season, consisting of ten episodes, happening soon, it’d be cool to see if it takes place after the movie and builds up to the sequel or just explores more ideas set within this universe. Read More

Convergence #8 Comic Review

Convergence #8

Rating: 2/5

Writer(s): Jeff King and Scott Lobdell

Artist(s): Stephen Segovia, Carlo Pagulayan, Eduardo Pansica, Ethan Van Sciver, Jason Paz, Scott Hanna, Trevor Scott, and Peter Steigerwald

It’s finally friggin OVER. While the story as a whole isn’t entirely terrible, it just felt bloated, boring, nonsensical even for a superhero comic and crossover, and really inconsequential given the ending for it and what led up to it. Forever Evil may have been a bit bloated and prolonging, but at least it was exciting and there were stakes in it. Convergence, on the other hand, was just bleh. The story focused on mostly the Earth 2 characters rather than involving everything DC for the entire story, New 52 universe didn’t appear until the sixth issue and even then they didn’t play that much of a role other than “wait and see” which they still do even in THIS issue (HOW ARE THESE PEOPLE SUPERHEROES? HOW? TELL ME HOW?!!!!!), kept switching from antagonist to antagonist with each one overpowered until some tiny thing beats them and renders them useless, pacing was on/off at various points, A LOT of the story was told in tie-ins (which I might get to, I did read some of them and they were pretty good), and in the end it didn’t really matter because everything turned out fine, which I’ll get to. Read More