Turning Japanese Graphic Novel Review



Rating: 5/5

It’s been a while since I’ve done a graphic novel review, or really a review at all in general. Yeah, I’ve been kinda busy with stuff in my life, and I know that’s probably not a good excuse, but I’m trying to get stuff done now at least. What better way to get back into it than Turning Japanese? I really think so.

[Crickets chirping]

Oh c’mon, you know I gotta make bad puns like these! I can’t help it! How else am I gonna reference the Turning Japanese song?

In all seriousness, though, this is probably one of the best graphic novels I have ever read. No exaggeration or hyperbole, I am dead serious. Read More

My Second Top 5 Characters for Young Justice


So yeah, I’m gonna make this a thing like with my Legends of Tomorrow character lists. Honestly, thinking about both of those shows, they are in a way similar to each other, though they do use different methods of storytelling, different formats on which to do them (i.e. YJ is animated and LOT is live-action), and yet they kinda have different yet similar premises to each other, in which both shows are about a wide variety of characters from DC Comics and team up together and go on missions together, difference between em is that YJ is about, as the title suggests, the young characters, while LOT has heroes and villains teaming up together. With both of these shows having these elements, it allows them to incorporate a lot of characters, concepts, and ideas to be put into them, no matter how unlikely or difficult it is, and manages to pull it off well. That being said, there’s still plenty of characters that can be put into the show, regardless of whether they be members of the Team, supporting characters, or antagonists. Here we go: Read More

My First Top 5 Characters for Young Justice


So it’s been confirmed that Young Justice is coming back for a third season! Hooray! This has been something me and many other people have been hoping to happen for a LONG time. I’ll admit, at the time that it aired on TV, I didn’t get to watch it much, but what I did see of it was very good, and I’m glad it was well-received and had a strong loyal fanbase, and thankfully I’ve made up for that by watching ALL the episodes on the blu ray releases and loving how awesome it is to this day.

Young Justice was about a group of young superheroes trying to prove themselves to be full-fledged superheroes, instead of sidekicks as regarded by their mentors and older counterparts, by taking on covert missions against the Justice League’s enemies, who’ve formed their own group known as “The Light” (really just another nickname for the Secret Society of Super Villains or Legion of Doom). The show was like a mix of the youthful energy of Teen Titans and the scale/scope of Justice League/Justice League Unlimited, with the emotional depth and wider universe appeal of both added to it as well as that of the DC Universe as a whole. Read More

Has Arrow gotten “great again”? My thoughts on Season 5 so far…


“Make Arrow Great Again.” There, joke over.

I remember watching Mr. Enter’s Animated Atrocities review of The Powerpuff Girls 2016 reboot episode “Painbow” (in which Bubbles and Blossom, along with a weird talking panda, twerked, and no I’m not joking and yes it is as awful as it sounds) and he asked if a show can become somewhat decent after facing a downturn for a while. This got me to think about Arrow and how it’s been doing for a while. It started out as a mixed bag and got great in season 1, got REALLY good in season 2, and then it faced a serious downturn but still had some good moments in seasons 3-4. While there have been a bunch of live action superhero/comic book TV shows here and there in recent years, Smallville no doubt being the longest-running, I like to think that Arrow, and even The Walking Dead, kinda kickstarted the boom these types of shows are having, paving the way for shows like The Flash, Supergirl, Gotham, Daredevil, Agents of SHIELD, and many others. Now that season 5 has begun and already three episodes in, I’d like to think that Arrow has gotten great again, or is at least trying to, depending on point of view. I did feel the same way when seasons 3-4 started, but as they went on, they became the stuff a lot of people ridicule about the show, so hopefully that won’t happen here, right? Third time’s the charm? Oh well. Read More

My Top 5 Villains for Arrow Season 5



It’s been said that a hero can be defined by a villain, and that seems to be the case with Arrow and it’s portrayal of the Big Bads that Team Arrow has faced over the course of the show. While seasons 1-2 were compelling with Malcolm Merlyn and Deathstroke, both of them having been antagonists of Green Arrow in comics, and portrayed as such to great effect on the show, with buildup, character development, and backstories that make them not just compelling villains, but characters as well. The Big Bads in seasons 3-4 were really a mixed bag. Ra’s al Ghul, while built up in previous seasons and Matt Nable played him excellently, should NEVER have been the main villain of season 3, partly because he was primarily a Batman villain and his appearances gave the impression that the show was ripping off Batman more than ever, and it felt out of place and kinda forced. He should’ve instead been an overseer, someone being manipulated by another behind-the-scenes, which could’ve led to a more concrete foundation for Damien Darhk, who has been one of the “saving graces” of season 4, despite the show continuing some of season 3’s problems, especially considering Darhk and HIVE were adversaries of the Titans in comics, but in context of the show itself, they do make a nice fit, though also a bit out of place.

However, since Arrow has started its fifth season, I think it’s safe to say the show can return to its more darker and grittier roots, and what better way to do that than have Green Arrow face off against the criminal underworld of Star City? Read More

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows Movie Review


Rating: 3/5

Before I review this movie, I’m just gonna go on a little tangent (which often tends to be the case in anything I talk about on this blog) about something. I saw this movie while I was in Washington D.C. after going to Awesome Con, ya know just to kick back, relax, have a little fun and all that. Then when I go into the theater and the movie is playing, there’s kids running around, making noise, and even a baby crying. This doesn’t affect my opinion of the movie itself, but it did kinda affect my experience with it. First, who brings a baby into a movie theater? If you’re gonna watch a movie with a baby, then do it at home, not at a theater where they’re obviously gonna make noise and annoy people by crying, and if you’re seeing a movie but don’t want the baby to be alone at home, then hire a sitter. Or just don’t go at all and be with the kid, I don’t know. Second, if there’s a little kid running around in the theater making noise and causing a scene, annoying people and distracting them from the movie they’re seeing, then clearly someone isn’t doing a good job in getting them under control. I know I wasn’t a perfect kid growing up, but I do try to restrain myself from really bad habits that even I got sick of as I’ve gotten older, and so when I go watch a movie, I go WATCH A MOVIE, not have to put up with loud annoyances while trying to see what the heck is going on with the movie I’m trying to watch. And this is all systemic of the kind of mindset some people have with these types of movies as well. They think that “oh it’s just a kids movie, so it’s alright that we bring in our kids who are obviously going to be loud and obnoxious and make it almost unpleasant for everyone”, which is bullshit. I know that this movie may seem like it’s a kids movie on the surface, but this is a movie where it can be watched and kinda appreciated from people of all ages, so it should be a good experience if they like what this movie has to offer. I’m sorry if I offended anyone with this, parents or otherwise, but it’s just something I had to get off my chest. Anyway, on with the review. Read More