Teen Titans GO!: The Fourth Wall TV Review


Anyone else get the feeling that these things are staring at our souls? Christ…

Rating: 1/5

This is something I’ve been looking forward to and dreading for a while: reviewing Teen Titans GO! Never thought I’d actually do this, but I figure with a lot of others giving TTG flak, I thought I’d put in my two cents. Bare in mind, I’m probably going to talk about stuff regarding this show that you’ve probably already heard before, so forgive me if I sound like I’m regurgitating this stuff. Read More


Infinity Train TV Review




Rating: 5/5

Apparently CN is trying to get new shows off the ground, one of which has really piqued my interest, that being Infinity Train. So far only the pilot has been released, but ever since I watched it on YouTube it’s been stuck in my head and I had to talk about it here. From what I understand the show is about a girl named Tulip (voiced by Ashley Johnson, the voice of Ellie from The Last of Us and Terra from Teen Titans, and currently stars on Blindspot), and her robot friend One-One who splits into two robots, Glad-One (voiced by Jeremy Crutchley who sounds like John Oliver) and Sad-One (voiced by Owen Dennis, the creator of the show, who sounds like Maurice LaMarche), navigating through a mysterious train that is seemingly limitless and each car housing an internal dimension. It’s very interesting in regards to its premise, simple yet dynamic animation, voice acting, characters, humor, and the possibilities it presents through its surrealism. It kinda reminds me of some the recent cartoons both CN and Disney have done, in a way. Read More

The X-Files Miniseries Revival Episode 1: “My Struggle” TV Review

The X-Files miniseries poster

Rating: 2/5

“The truth is still out there”…and it kinda sucks. “I want to believe”… otherwise, but nope. Yes I know I’m making bad puns on The X-Files, sue me and just roll with it. Also this is my first TV review, so yay? Funny that this episode was called “My Struggle”, because MY struggle is trying to find anything good in this thing. To quote Ben Yahtzee, “yes I am quite bitter”, because thanks to postgame football bullshit, my DVR kinda screwed up recording this (I was recording it and not watching it right when it premiered due to getting rid of snow on my driveway, of which there’s A LOT of, so bite me if anyone says “well why didn’t you just watch it while it premiered and do the snow later?”, because I’m not friggin psychic and couldn’t know how long football was gonna air), and yes I will count that as part of the review, because honestly airing this after football, regardless of how long it ran, was kinda stupid and annoying (as if football couldn’t get more annoying for me, though I don’t hate it), so there might be some plot details I’m not certain about, and if anyone knows what happened in the remainder of this episode, like the last 20 minutes, please let me know, and yes I know there’s Wikipedia and other sources but I tend to double-check. Though then again maybe that was the original intent for this “conspiracy” of screwing up The X-Files coming back, who knows? Read More