Has Arrow gotten “great again”? My thoughts on Season 5 so far…


“Make Arrow Great Again.” There, joke over.

I remember watching Mr. Enter’s Animated Atrocities review of The Powerpuff Girls 2016 reboot episode “Painbow” (in which Bubbles and Blossom, along with a weird talking panda, twerked, and no I’m not joking and yes it is as awful as it sounds) and he asked if a show can become somewhat decent after facing a downturn for a while. This got me to think about Arrow and how it’s been doing for a while. It started out as a mixed bag and got great in season 1, got REALLY good in season 2, and then it faced a serious downturn but still had some good moments in seasons 3-4. While there have been a bunch of live action superhero/comic book TV shows here and there in recent years, Smallville no doubt being the longest-running, I like to think that Arrow, and even The Walking Dead, kinda kickstarted the boom these types of shows are having, paving the way for shows like The Flash, Supergirl, Gotham, Daredevil, Agents of SHIELD, and many others. Now that season 5 has begun and already three episodes in, I’d like to think that Arrow has gotten great again, or is at least trying to, depending on point of view. I did feel the same way when seasons 3-4 started, but as they went on, they became the stuff a lot of people ridicule about the show, so hopefully that won’t happen here, right? Third time’s the charm? Oh well. Read More


My Top 5 Villains for Arrow Season 5



It’s been said that a hero can be defined by a villain, and that seems to be the case with Arrow and it’s portrayal of the Big Bads that Team Arrow has faced over the course of the show. While seasons 1-2 were compelling with Malcolm Merlyn and Deathstroke, both of them having been antagonists of Green Arrow in comics, and portrayed as such to great effect on the show, with buildup, character development, and backstories that make them not just compelling villains, but characters as well. The Big Bads in seasons 3-4 were really a mixed bag. Ra’s al Ghul, while built up in previous seasons and Matt Nable played him excellently, should NEVER have been the main villain of season 3, partly because he was primarily a Batman villain and his appearances gave the impression that the show was ripping off Batman more than ever, and it felt out of place and kinda forced. He should’ve instead been an overseer, someone being manipulated by another behind-the-scenes, which could’ve led to a more concrete foundation for Damien Darhk, who has been one of the “saving graces” of season 4, despite the show continuing some of season 3’s problems, especially considering Darhk and HIVE were adversaries of the Titans in comics, but in context of the show itself, they do make a nice fit, though also a bit out of place.

However, since Arrow has started its fifth season, I think it’s safe to say the show can return to its more darker and grittier roots, and what better way to do that than have Green Arrow face off against the criminal underworld of Star City? Read More

My Third Top 10 Characters for DC’s Legends of Tomorrow

With the Arrowverse shows getting renewed for more seasons, and the upcoming Flash/Supergirl crossover, it seems that DC is doing an okay job so far of managing their live-action multiverse. Legends of Tomorrow is still DC’s premiere team-up show, meaning that ANY characters now can be incorporated into it, regardless of which show they first appear in, universe they inhabit, or even what network it’s on (that is depending on if there’ll ever be a crossover between Gotham and the other DC shows, which I imagine probably won’t happen for a while). However, there are some characters and/or ideas shown in the Arrowverse before that have left me wondering if they’ll ever be seen or explored again, and I think LOT could be a good way to bring them back. Read More

My Second Top 10 Characters for DC’s Legends of Tomorrow

Justice League Dark pic 2

Since I mentioned John Constantine in my last list, and since it was rumored/announced he would be in the second season of DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, it kinda got me thinking that maybe the team would be fighting against a more supernatural and/or magic-based threat, not to mention considering that if Matt Ryan reprises his role from Constantine, season 2 of LOT could also continue some of the plot threads left dangling by that show. With that in mind, this could open up opportunities for the supernatural and/or magic-based characters to be adapted for that. While there is that Dark Universe movie, based on the Justice League Dark comics, that may or may not happen that would feature those types of characters, and granted, there are some characters here on this list that aren’t like that, I thought they’d still make a nice fit for the show if they ever appear. Plus it doesn’t throw away the concept of a team consisting of these types of characters, be it just them or being added to the current team on LOT. I don’t know what could happen in season 2 if this pans out, if Rip recruits them or something entirely different happens, but it’s a possibility. Read More

My First Top 10 Characters For DC’s Legends of Tomorrow

Legends of Tomorrow poster

Let’s face it, the Arrowverse (which may or may not include Supergirl since it’s created by the same people) is already well in place as DC’s premiere live-action universe right now. Yeah, there’s the Extended Universe (seriously, who came up with that name?), the Gothamverse (so far not connected to anything…for now) and while not every shared universe has to copy the Marvel method step-by-step and release 2-3 movies every year, with multiple shows on different networks connected to it no less, DC certainly is taking their time, and the slate of upcoming movies is both promising and cautious. But the Arrowverse has had buildup, character growth and development, and storylines maintained throughout all the shows that take place in it, because that’s the beauty of TV dealing with long-running stories instead of things being condensed in a movie consisting of two hours or more. But then again, that doesn’t mean there can’t be both or that they can’t crossover, as Disney/Marvel has proven so far (Fox’s iron grip on X-Men notwithstanding too…for now).

The Justice League movie (or movies, rather) is happening, but not for a while. In the meantime, there’s already a premiere live-action team show in place for the Arrowverse, and that’s Legends of Tomorrow. Read More

Aliens: Colonial Marines Retrospective/Review

Aliens Colonial Marines box art

Heads up, because this is more of a “getting something off my chest” (as opposed to “out of my chest” lol; yes I made a chestburster joke, laugh dammit laugh!) type of thing, since the thing I’m about to talk about is something that’s been around for a while, yet is also still talked about by other people. In fact it was actually one of Jim Sterling’s recent Jimquisition videos on YouTube that kinda inspired me to talk about it, and I think it’s time that I just talk about it. What is it I’m referring to, you may ask? Well, look at the title. Anyway, I’m gonna talk about Aliens: Colonial Marines. And since “review” is in the title, here’s my rating of the game, just to get that out of the way:


I’d be more fair, but given how some game companies over the years try to pull off the same kind of crap that went on with CM and even at worse extents, like the recent Star Wars: Battlefront from what I heard, I’m gonna follow Ben Yahtzee’s example and judge it for what it represents as well as the actual material itself, because for all gaming companies out there that want to pull these shenanigans, not everyone is gonna like it and it won’t be forgotten, and it becomes an example of not only how NOT to do a licensed game, but how to do a game in general, and it won’t be tolerated anymore. So yeah, two years and I’m still pissed about it. Read More

MemenDOH!: Originality (Nearly) Lost?

Memento poster

So here’s some “fun” news I’ve heard recently and others have heard too. Memento, one of Christopher Nolan’s earliest films, which pretty much brought him to the spotlight (unless you count his first film, Following), is getting a remake. Apparently this production company, AMBI Group, “assumed control” (I assume in the same manner one “assumes control” of a car they’re “borrowing” from someone and never returning) of Exclusive Media Group library and the movies under it, which include sequel and remake rights, of which Memento is a part of. So naturally this means a remake of Memento…wait what? I know I already tackled the topic of John Carpenter movies getting remade, but now it seems that was only the tip of the iceberg. Read More