About Phil

Hello there, fellow geeks, nerds, pop culture enthusiasts, fiction lovers, and everyone else! My name is Philip Rearich. I love movies, video games, comics, literature, and just about anything pop culture or fiction-related.

I’ve always loved things fiction-related, but it wasn’t until I started reading Stephen King books, my first being The Shining, that I wanted to be a writer, be it for books, comics, film, reviews, and anything else. So here I am, with my blog ranting and raving, reviewing various things such as comics, movies, and other stuff, as well as maybe “top” lists I think of and maybe an editorial here or there.

Also, having watched a lot of review shows like X-Play, Nostalgia Critic, AT4W, Angry Joe Show, Cinema Snob, Zero Punctuation, and others, enjoying the critique as well as the humor utilized, I tend to use a ratings scale in my reviews. I understand that there might be those who read my blog may not always read the entire review and just skim through it, so I put in a review score to also make things simple and to the point. The scale goes from 0-5 (though I hope I don’t encounter something that warrants a 0 *shudders*) and here’s how I do it:

0 – Absolute garbage. Everything about it is atrocious and should not just be destroyed, it shouldn’t even exist on any plane of existence.
1 – Really bad and not the kind of thing you’d take home with you, but not preventing the other person from trying it out.
2 – Flaws aplenty, but has at least some potential or shining moments.
3 – Average, a mix of good and bad, great ideas just not carried out right or something you’d expect.
4 – Good, but may have some problems.
5 – Absolute perfection, while maybe having a minor flaw here or there, to the point where even when thinking about it makes you squee in delight (yes I’ve done that numerous times).

I understand how others would use a 10-point or 100-point scale, but honestly that just gets needlessly complicated most of the time. There’s always going to be either generalizations or specifics, yet I like to keep things simple and to the point, so far as the score is concerned. I write the review because it’s something worth talking about and to express my thoughts and the score is to sum it up as best I can. Just putting things in balance of sorts.

Feel free to follow and read as you please. Enjoy!

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