My 3rd Top 5 Characters for Young Justice

While it’s yet to be determined when (and also where, though I’m guessing Netflix) the third season of Young Justice will air, I can still make some lists of characters that I think would make good fits for the show and the story possibilities with them. Also, rest in peace Miguel Ferrer, no one could do a better Vandal Savage than you for Young Justice, and whoever takes over the role would have big shoes to fill. So here’s my third list of 5 characters I think would make a good fit for YJ:

1. Red Hood (Jason Todd)

Jason Todd Red Hood

Believe it or not, Jason Todd has kinda been in the show before, though not quite how you’d expect. He was actually one of the hologram memorials of fallen heroes at Mount Justice, and it was for him as Robin. Do you know what that means? He could come back as Red Hood! Now, it wouldn’t necessarily have to be a repeat of the Under the Red Hood arc from the comics, since that’s already been done in an animated movie which oddly enough also starred Bruce Greenwood as Batman, so could they be taking place in the same universe? Regardless, with the Roy Harper clone (Red Arrow) in semi-retirement taking care of his daughter Lian, and the original Roy Harper (Arsenal) now operating on his own, he could use a fellow “outlaw” to run around and do missions with, and who better than Jason Todd as Red Hood? Granted, I didn’t really like the Red Hood and the Outlaws comics (seriously, who thought giving that series a SECOND volume was a good idea) nor the Red Hood/Arsenal comic, both by Scott Lobdell, something of which I’ve made clear about in my Turning Japanese review, and Linkara has already talked about it in his review. Not that I think it’s a bad idea, exactly, it’s just that Lobdell has done pretty much all he can to make it a bad idea, in my opinion. However, YJ has been about taking concepts that may seem ridiculous and actually making them work and even awesome and compelling, so who knows? Honestly that’s how I could see Jason Todd existing as Red Hood in the show, partnering up with Arsenal and sorta becoming a rival group and/or ally to The Team, and with Darkseid on the horizon, they may need all the help they can get.

2. Damage


Here’s a character that would really make an interesting fit for the show. Actually, this is a character I’ve been interested in for quite some time. The son of the original Atom, Al Pratt, who has the powers of super strength and to make explosions whenever he hits something. He’s also had an interesting character development over the years, too, having gone from helping to restart the universe during Zero Hour, being a member of several teams such as The Titans, Freedom Fighters, and the JSA, getting scarred by Zoom and having a more cynical attitude as a result, not to mention a new masked costume reminiscent of both his father’s and Atom Smasher’s (Al Pratt’s godson), and then getting killed during Blackest Night, but at least in the end he got a legacy of his own, with his girlfriend Judomaster using funds to help relief victims caused by explosions when he first got his powers, of which he felt extremely guilty for. While it sucks he’s dead (and seriously DC could you at least find a way to bring him back for Rebirth), he’s still a pretty cool character. He kind of reminds me of how Superboy was when he started out on Young Justice, being brash, cocky, angry, dealing with the weight of a legacy on him and how he felt kinda shunned by his father, and only learning the value of being a hero and on a team after trials and tribulations. I could see that happening for Damage if he were added to YJ, plus not to mention his post-scarred outfit kinda looks kickass.

3. Cassandra Cain

Cassandra Cain

There’s already been a bunch of Bat Family members in Young Justice: Bruce Wayne, Dick Grayson, Tim Drake, Barbara Gordon, even Stephanie Brown and maybe even more that I didn’t notice, YJ does have A LOT of characters in it. So what’s one more Bat Family member to add to the list? Plus she was also the first Batgirl to have her own ongoing Batgirl comic and is a very prominent Eurasian character in comics. Now, I think Cassandra Cain was a member of Young Justice in the comics as well, though I’m not exactly sure, going off from Wikipedia for that info, but given her character, skillset, and background, she’d make a good fit for the show. However, I’m not exactly sure what codename she’d go under. In comics, she became Batgirl after Barbara Gordon was paralyzed by The Joker, became Oracle, and Cassandra was taken under her wing. Later on, after the events of Batman RIP, she passed on the mantle to Stephanie Brown and became Black Bat. Then, in New 52 and Rebirth, she got “reintroduced” and became Orphan, which honestly seems kinda bland and I would’ve preferred her to be Black Bat again, but at least she’s back.

Being that she’s the daughter of assassins David Cain and Lady Shiva, she’s got a lot in common with Artemis, though also different in the sense that she was raised to be an assassin herself, devoid of human contact and speech, therefore becoming proficient at martial arts while also remaining mute, rarely ever talking, connecting with people, or even reading/writing, though I think she did develop this stuff better as she continued her adventures. I don’t think it’d be impossible for YJ to pull off the kind of stuff that goes with her character, being mute and later talking, so it’d be cool to add her on somehow and see how she interacts with the other characters on The Team, if she gets to join them.

4. Wally West II

Wally West 2

I’ll admit, I wasn’t the biggest fan of this character when he initially debuted. I even called him “the worst use of blackface” at several points. After the New 52 happened and the original Wally West was apparently gone, DC seemingly brought this character on as a way of saying “hey you wanted Wally West? well here ya go, only he’s black so this is Wally West in name only”. He was pretty much a stereotypical black character: hates authority, juvenile delinquent, spray paints graffiti, his parents left him, you name it. Not to mention he was annoying and fans made this clear and wanted the REAL Wally back. Then Rebirth happened, original Wally came back, and it was revealed that both him and black Wally are cousins, and now black Wally is the new Kid Flash (any idea where Bart Allen went?) and is with the Rebirth Teen Titans, as well as adventuring with Barry Allen and sometimes Wally. Basically it’s taken some time to make this character more likeable. I think The Flash TV show handled this better, merging him and original Wally together, being brother to Iris West instead of nephew (cause I don’t think ANYONE would want an annoying kid character on The Flash) giving some more sympathetic reasoning as to why he’s a bit rough around the edges (his mom took him away from his dad when he was a baby and he street races to help with her hospital bills).

Now, how would he be utilized since original Wally was used in the show? Maybe have an episode or two in which some of the characters, like Artemis and Bart Allen, suspect that Wally may actually be alive due to some weird Speed Force activity going on, but then they find it’s actually black Wally who’s doing it. Of course original Wally could come back later, similar to how Barry came back in Flash: Rebirth and Final Crisis, but until then black Wally sorta joins the Team, kind of a stick in the mud at times yet still a good person, and I’m not sure what codename he’d go under since Bart is now Kid Flash. Maybe he becomes the new Impulse? Still, I think he oughta be put in the show and see what happens, cause like I said YJ has been surprising with seemingly ridiculous ideas and making them work.

5. Terra (any version)

Like with Supergirl in my other list, you’re not reading this wrong when I say ANY version of Terra. First, there’s the original, Tara Markov, who is probably the most well-known, considering she was one of the main focuses of The Judas Contract storyline, infiltrating the Teen Titans and betraying them to Deathstroke, going insane and then accidentally killing herself when she went out of control with her powers. Then she got resurrected as a Black Lantern and killed again during Blackest Night. Now apparently there’s a New 52 version of her who might be good, bad, bit of both, I have no idea, I only know this stuff secondhand. Then there’s the clone of her, who actually went on to become a true hero in her own right, being with the Titans, despite knowing what she was, and then getting killed by Black Adam during World War III. Finally, there’s the girl known as Atlee, who’s actually a member of an alien race known as Stratans that live beneath the Earth’s surface, and she has a rare mutation called “quixium” that gives her earth-based powers. She usually appears in stories done by the creative team of Jimmy Palmiotti, Justin Gray, and Amanda Conner, such as Supergirl (pre-New 52 Kara Zor-El series, probably the only good issue of that series I’ve read), Power Girl (haven’t read it yet), and Starfire (pretty good comic, to be honest).

While I haven’t read the original Judas Contract storyline, I know how popular it is and it was even used for the second season of Teen Titans, which I think handled it well and even made Terra more sympathetic, and of course there’s the animated movie adaptation coming out that’s the sequel to Justice League vs Teen Titans (generic title, but hey, I’d take that over Teen Titans GO!). With that said, if the original Terra were used, I’m not sure if the show should do the story, considering how often it’s been done in recent years, and of course the “betrayals” the Team itself has gone through, be they real, fake, or something else. I think what’d be cool to do would be that The Team infiltrates a cloning facility, since cloning is kind of a recurring thing in the show (Superboy and Red Arrow are clones done by Project Cadmus, after all), they rescue the Terra clone, and after a while the real Terra shows up, who’s working with The Light, and they get into fights whenever they encounter each other. Then at some point, maybe Atlee shows up somehow.

So that’s my 3rd list of characters I’d like to see in Young Justice. Do you agree/disagree with it? Who would you like to see appear on the show? Let me know in the comments. Thank you! 🙂



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