BrightPhart: A Platform for the “All Right”

You’re probably thinking with that kind of title “wtf is this about?” Well, I’ve been thinking about starting another blog. I’ll still be doing Philling In, writing reviews, top lists, and some editorials here or there, but there’s some things I’d like to talk about, but in a different format, and that’s where BrightPhart comes in.

Yes, the name “BrightPhart” is a pun on Breitbart, because honestly I thought to myself, “why the Hell not?” I mean, I jokingly call that piece of shit “BreitFart” anyway. It basically makes Fox News look like a teddy bear in comparison. Its comments section is worse than YouTube’s. I am not joking. And now the head of that cesspool is one of President Toupe’s top advisors? Are we living in Idiocracy now? At least the now former editor of it, Milo Whatever (not gonna bother with typing out his last name) isn’t such a big thing now, and he’s getting what he deserves at least, which is being a fucking joke.

Despite being a pun on Breitbart, I’m not exactly gonna talk about political stuff. That’s something WAY out of my playing field. Sure, I’m trying to be more politically-minded, I guess is one way of putting it, and I make jokes about it, but I wouldn’t exactly call myself an expert on it. There are those out there, even [gag reflex] Fox News, that talk about those kinds of things in way more detail than I could. Rather, the best way I can describe how I’d do something like this is kind of how Jim Sterling does The Jimquisition. Don’t get me wrong, Jim Sterling is a smart, innovative, analytical, funny, and all around great individual who does great work with what he does, in my opinion. Heck, oftentimes I’m influenced by his work for my own writing on reviews and other stuff I do. So, really, I could NEVER be in the same league as him. He’s had a lot more experience and knowledge than I could at this point.

BrightPhart would largely consist of editorials done in a sorta “Jimquisition” style manner, or at least influenced by Jimquisition. Like I said, I could NEVER match the quality and depth of his work, but it’s his work on Jimquisition that gave me the idea to do this. I know it’s kinda weird to make a comparison, but it’s the best way for me describe how I’d be doing this. Mostly what I’d be talking about are usually stuff I talk about on Philling In, only a bit more blunt and abrasive than I usually do things, but I will try to be as thoughtful and analytical as I can be with it. I know I’ll be starting it up soon, but how often I’d be doing it and what I’d be talking about on it is of my own choosing. I’m not gonna lie, the kind of stuff I will be talking about on it, if anyone reads it, it might make some people mad, but it’s just my opinion, so take it with a grain of salt.

That being said, when the time comes, get ready to be “all right”. 🙂

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