My Top 10 Most Anticipated Movies of 2017

2016 has been a monster of a year, what with the election and all (it’s gonna be a LONG four years; also fuck Trump and the Trump police if they try to get me), and of course with movies. For every gem that came out, there were also mixed bags at best and some REALLY bad movies at worst. I’ve yet to finish reviewing movies from 2016 that I’ve seen, there’s still some 2016 movies I’ve yet to see and would like to (and also dreading to see but you know me, I’m kind of a sadomasochist when it comes to this stuff) and to make my top best and worst movies of 2016, but I thought I’d try to get this out of the way in the meantime. So far as I’ve seen, 2017 doesn’t seem to be too bad for movies, and I’m looking forward to more. Now I will admit, I’ve already seen some movies that came out this year (The Lego Batman Movie, Split, Get Out, and John Wick: Chapter Two) so I won’t include them in the list, but I will say that they are definitely awesome and innovative in their own right, and hopefully there will be more awesomeness to come, though there will also be some crap movies coming out too. Also this is just my opinion, so if you have different ideas of movies to look forward to or dreading to see, that’s fine. So here we go:

Honorable mentions:

All Eyez On Me


Transformers: The Last Knight

Ghost in the Shell

The Belko Experiment

The Mummy (2017)

War for the Planet of the Apes


Cars 3

Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets

The Dark Tower

Smurfs: The Lost Village


Kong: Skull Island

10. Justice League


Yeah it must be something that this movie would be at the bottom of the list, even being on the list at all for that matter.  After a couple of mixed bags of installments, the DCEU REALLY needs to shake things up. I don’t dislike Zack Snyder as much as others do, he does make his movies as visually spectacular as he can, but something about him and the people behind these movies just rub me the wrong way at certain points. I also think it’s a bit weird that he’s the one to direct this. Say what you will about Marvel/Disney, but at least they have variety on who does their movies, and it’s a key factor to consider when they got Joss Whedon to do The Avengers after having different directors do the solo movies leading up to it, which helped provide a different feel and make the movie great. Regardless, despite a bland trailer, it’s got a good cast, it’s a movie about the friggin JUSTICE LEAGUE, and honestly I just don’t see how anyone could screw this up at all, unless they’re putting in the least amount of effort to make it good or going out of their way to make it suck. Again, mixed bags of installments led up to this, but considering how DC is currently doing with their TV shows, comics, and other stuff, hopefully they can get on track with doing decent movies for their cinematic universe and not try to copy off The Dark Knight formula too much. I don’t know if it’ll happen with this movie, but if it’s at least okay, then maybe they’ll make a good start.

9. Thor: Ragnarok


Despite the success of the MCU, it can have its mixed bags too, and one of them is the Thor movies. Don’t get me wrong, I like the Thor movies, Chris Hemsworth as Thor, Tom Hiddleston as Loki, and the rest of the casts in them do great with their performances despite the material, but they’re not as great as the other MCU movies, so I guess they need a major shakeup, especially with a director like Taika Waititi (ya know, the guy who played Thomas Kalmaku in Green Lantern, so I guess like Jon Favreau playing Foggy Nelson in Daredevil, he was learning how NOT to do a superhero movie), who from what I understand is pretty talented and definitely out of left field for a movie like this, especially considering how the MCU does with directors largely out of left field. So far, the casting is great, not only with some of the cast from previous movies, but especially with the inclusion of other characters from other movies like Mark Ruffalo as Hulk and Benedict Cumberbatch as Doctor Strange, as well as new additions like Tessa Thompson as Valkyrie, Cate Blanchett as Hela,  Jeff Goldblum as Grandmaster, and Karl Urban as Skurge. Sure, it’s probably gonna have some buildup for Infinity War in it, but as long as they can deliver on making it a good movie first, then that should be fine. Plus, with a subtitle like Ragnarok, there’s definitely gonna be some shit happening and Thor better be ready to PUT THE HAMMA DOWN! (yeah I know I mispelled that, I was kinda quoting his line from Avengers, and seriously why hasn’t that become a meme?)

8. Spider-Man: Homecoming


The first ever Spider-Man movie set in the MCU. How could this not be on the list? Don’t get me wrong, I do like the other Spidey movies, both Raimi’s and Webb’s, to various extents, but I think at some point, it became clear that Sony had no idea what the Hell they were doing, and after both ASM 2 not being that great and the email hack, they got smart and decided to share with Marvel/Disney. Maybe this could lead to Fox sharing the Fantastic Four and X-Men with them too, but who knows. Right now, I’m just glad that this movie is happening at least. I liked Tom Holland’s performance as Spider-Man in Captain America: Civil War and I’m excited for what he’ll be like in this movie. The subtitle is kind of a nice fit, considering Spidey is back with Marvel as far as movies are concerned, though I do hope there’s more to it, like with Thor: Ragnarok. Speaking of which, given that this is a Spidey movie set in the MCU, there will be characters from other movies in this, most notably Robert Downey, Jr. as Iron Man and Jon Favreau as Happy Hogan, though while it’s great they’re in it, I hope the former’s presence won’t overshadow the movie too much, at best be a mentor-type figure, since Spidey in this movie is a teen hero learning the ropes and who better to teach him than a, uh, “billionaire genius playboy philanthropist” and also an alcoholic at times, as Tony Stark himself put it? Hey, as long as there aren’t deals with literal demons that could have potential ramifications, then I guess that should be fine (that was a reference to One More Day, in case you didn’t get that, and oddly enough this movie comes out TEN YEARS after that story, weird). Plus, Michael Keaton, the guy who played Batman in Tim Burton’s Batman movies, is playing The Vulture in this, and is it just me or does this guy tend to play “flying animal”-type comic characters? First Batman, then Birdman (ok that one is a COMPLETELY different story but you get what I mean), and now Vulture? Also he is one of Spidey’s earliest villains, having first appeared in The Amazing Spider-Man #2, so it’s fitting he’s in the hero’s first MCU solo outing. Regardless, I’m just webbed up for excitement.

7. Alien: Covenant and IT (2017)

Believe it or not, but I actually had a hard time putting one or the other, or even both on this list, so I decided to pair them up together, considering what they both are and what they’re about. While Prometheus was a mixed bag at best, I’ve become aware that sometimes a messy first installment could provide a foundation for a much better followup. At least this movie is outrightly saying it’s an Alien movie and gonna have, ya know, ALIENS in it. Like others on this list, it’s got a good cast and crew involved with it, especially since original Alien and Prometheus director Ridley Scott’s directing it, and will be part of his continuing resurgence following his success with The Martian. This is also one of several Alien prequels that are meant to lead up to the original 1979 film Alien, which is kind of baffling, because while prequels can be good in their own right, is there really a need for SEVERAL? Especially for this franchise? Have we not learned from the Star Wars prequels and The Hobbit trilogy? Um, Fox, whoever’s making these movies, you do know that people do want to see that Alien 5 movie that’s possibly being done by Neill Blomkamp, feature Sigourney Weaver as Ellen Ripley for maybe the final time, and possibly Michael Biehn as Hicks and Bill Paxton as Hudson (this was before he died, I heard he was interested in coming back, and that would’ve been nice to see considering how Aliens: Colonial Marines really dropped the ball hard with his character; also RIP Bill Paxton) which you put on hold in favor of this movie? But ok, make more of these things, but you better deliver on the goods for this one.

Stephen King is my favorite writer of all time. Honestly, if I hadn’t started reading his books, I wouldn’t have become interested in writing at all. IT was the fourth book of his that I read, and it was a LONG one. The miniseries was great, Tim Curry was perfect as Pennywise, but it did have its shortcomings considering it was made for TV and didn’t cover everything in the book, since it was a BIG book. The new film version of IT is actually supposed to be the first of a two-part adaptation, which actually makes sense considering the first part will take place in the 80s, while the second takes place in present day. Yeah, it’s modeled after the miniseries in terms of structure, but with a big budget and modern filmmaking applied to it, hopefully this’ll be one of the most epic horror movies ever made and as true of an adaptation of the book that we’ll get. Granted, this movie had been in production for a LONG time, going through several writers and directors, notably Cary Fukunaga who left due to “creative differences”, so hopefully the new director Andres Muschietti will do great here.

6. Wonder Woman


Kinda repeating myself, but it must be something that I have a solo DCEU movie at a higher ranking than the big epic team movie. Both this and JL have been in development for quite some time, even before it was decided that they take place in the same universe. One of the best elements of Batman/Superman: Dawn of Justice was Wonder Woman. The fact that there was little known about her in the film itself, which made her an interesting character because you want to know more about her, Gal Gadot really delivered on making her an interesting character despite some people being hesitant about her playing WW before the movie came out, and of course the fight scenes with her were amazing. Like JL, it’s got a good cast for it, and the premise itself is pretty interesting, that being about Wonder Woman going out to help out Americans and their allies during World War I, which does remind me of Captain America: The First Avenger, in that they’re both period pieces set in the early years of their respective universes, but I think it’s fitting for her considering the kind of character Wonder Woman is and to see her at the start of her development into what she becomes in BS. It should be interesting to note that despite Snyder producing and having story credit, it’s not going to be directed by him, which is kind of a relief, and it’s written by both Geoff Johns (my favorite comic book writer) and Allan Heinberg, both of whom are great writers in their own right, having written several successful comics and TV shows, so hopefully this can work for this movie. It’s also directed by Patty Jenkins, who from what I can gather is a pretty talented director, having done the movie Monster, and is the first woman to direct a summer superhero movie, especially a superhero movie with a female protagonist as the lead. Hopefully this movie can be good enough to show that, or at least remind, that big budget epic movies with female leads do sell and can be great to watch.

5. Power Rangers (2017)


Now I know this movie has gotten some people divided on it. Yes, it’s a reboot of the Power Rangers franchise, and it’s meant to be a darker, grittier interpretation of the original show, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, which, as has been the case of the history of certain reboots of certain franchises, can either be good or bad. Here’s the thing: the TV shows are still being done (how is Ninja Steel, btw? I haven’t watched it yet) and I guess this movie takes place in a different universe alongside them since it’s a reboot, and there are the BOOM! Studios comics currently running, which I hear have been great and are decent updates of the original show, so it’s not like this is the only thing being done with the franchise. I grew up with Power Rangers as a kid, but at some point I fell out of it, probably around Operation Overdrive due to how silly it got (though that anniversary special with several past Rangers teaming up was great, especially since Johnny Yong Bosch returned as Adam Park), I had work and school, and I kinda tried to get back into it when Saban reacquired it and aired new shows on Nickelodeon, but from what I’ve seen and heard about those shows, even they were sillier than the ones done by Disney. I guess some reboots are just necessary, kinda like The Dark Knight trilogy. This movie does have a good cast in it, I liked the trailers so far, it has some idea what it wants to be, and who knows if any original cast members will have cameos in it, despite reports saying otherwise (I did hear something about Jason David Frank, the guy who played Tommy Oliver, having some kind of role, and I could see that happening like Leonard Nimoy playing Spock in the reboot Star Trek movies, but who knows). Still, when this movie comes out, it’s gonna be MORPHIN TIME! Sorry I couldn’t help myself. Also, despite some misgivings, I do look forward to this movie WAY more than I did with Fan4stic and Ghostbusters: Answer the Call, just saying.

4. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2


I gotta be hooked on a feeling and high on believing for having this movie on the list. The first GOTG movie was just simply awesome. The characters, scale and scope, writing, humor, direction, music, and the epic space opera awesomeness made it all simply wonderful. Of course there was gonna be a followup, sure like Thor: Ragnarok it’ll have buildup to Infinity War but hopefully will be able to stand on its own as well, and while not much is revealed in terms of plot, I do like the additional characters for it, especially the actors playing them. I mean, Sylvester Stallone (as a Nova Corps officer; yeah not much is revealed about his character) AND Kurt Russell (as Ego the Living Planet, though somehow he’s not exactly a planet in this? Idk) are in this? Also Michael Rooker returns as Yondu in this too?  Do you know what this means? This is the Tango and Cash reunion, the Cliffhanger reunion, and the Tombstone reunion all rolled in one sweet Marvel package! Can this movie be out already, like now? Please?!!!

3.  Logan


A bit weird to have this on the list since this movie comes out in a few days, but then again I’m making this list while only 2-3 months into 2017, so whatever. Still, this is going to be the last time (probably) that Hugh Jackman will play Wolverine and Patrick Stewart will play Professor X. Honestly, from what I can gather about this movie, I can’t see them going out on a higher note than this. Plus despite not having wider Marvel elements like in the storyline it takes its ideas from, this is probably the closest we’ll get to an Old Man Logan adaptation in any form. And for all the flak Fox gets sometimes with the X-Men movies, you gotta admit that if it weren’t for these movies, as well as the Blade movies, there wouldn’t be this push for more effort to be put into comic book and superhero movies in making them, ya know, GOOD, and becoming what they are now. Sure, the X-Men movies by Fox have their misfires, but sometimes the good outweighs the bad, and I think that sometimes that can be the case for this series. I do wish Fox and Marvel/Disney will stop doing dick measuring contests with each other and just get along, though if what I hear about the Legion TV show is any indication regarding this (also it’s an awesome show, btw, might talk about it at some point), then maybe it’s not too long before anything happens. It’s certainly not stopping Fox from making more of these with spinoffs and whatever else, but for right now I’m gonna enjoy this one when it comes out.

2. Blade Runner 2049 and Trainspotting 2

Another pairing on this list, and again I do have good reason for it. Both of these movies are long-awaited sequels to some of the most influential cult films ever made that are based on cult novels. While Blade Runner 2049 is a standalone sequel to the previous movie and not exactly an adaptation of Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? by Philip K. Dick, Trainspotting 2 is based on the sequel novel to Trainspotting, titled Porno, and I can see why they’d change the title for the film version because that’d kinda be a hard sell. I mean, a kid would say to his mom he’s gonna see a movie called Porno, and the mom would be like “wtf are you seeing?”. It is kinda interesting that Danny Boyle, who directed the first Trainspotting, is directing Trainspotting 2, but Ridley Scott, who directed the first Blade Runner, is only producing Blade Runner 2049 and Denis Villeneuve is directing it. Both movies have actors that were in the first installments of their respective series, and seeing as how some recent followups to classic films have been done lately with having original actors from previous installments reprise their roles, I’m looking forward to them and can’t wait to see what’s done with them.

1. Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi


Another Star Wars movie I put at #1 on a list. Seems kinda obvious I put it here. So far, Disney has been treating the Star Wars franchise with care and respect (though Idk about video games since they got EA of all people to do em), allowing the people behind those movies to do what they want to do, and it seems to work. The Force Awakens was my favorite movie of 2015, Rogue One is one of my favorite movies of 2016 and a better Star Wars prequel than the ACTUAL PREQUEL TRILOGY, and I’m just excited to see what happens in this one (and yeah I’m pretty excited for the Han Solo movie). It’s also great that this movie has a different director, Rian Johnson, doing it, which is reminiscent of the production processes for the original trilogy, and this allows for a different story to be told, but still a sequel to the previous movie, showing the continuing journeys of both old and new characters. Sadly, this is the last movie Carrie Fisher has made before her passing, so I hope that her character, General Leia Organa Solo, will be given the proper sendoff with enough dignity, grace, and awesomeness that her and this character deserve. Also, I really hope Mark Hamill has a bigger role than in the previous movie, he’s just gotta do more than stand there intensely, however awesome that was in that movie. When this movie does come out, may the Force be with us all.

So those are my top 10 most anticipated movies of 2017, with some honorable mentions. If you have any movies you’re looking forward to, dreading to see, or agree/disagree with me, let me know in the comments. Thank you! 🙂




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