My First Top 5 Characters for Young Justice


So it’s been confirmed that Young Justice is coming back for a third season! Hooray! This has been something me and many other people have been hoping to happen for a LONG time. I’ll admit, at the time that it aired on TV, I didn’t get to watch it much, but what I did see of it was very good, and I’m glad it was well-received and had a strong loyal fanbase, and thankfully I’ve made up for that by watching ALL the episodes on the blu ray releases and loving how awesome it is to this day.

Young Justice was about a group of young superheroes trying to prove themselves to be full-fledged superheroes, instead of sidekicks as regarded by their mentors and older counterparts, by taking on covert missions against the Justice League’s enemies, who’ve formed their own group known as “The Light” (really just another nickname for the Secret Society of Super Villains or Legion of Doom). The show was like a mix of the youthful energy of Teen Titans and the scale/scope of Justice League/Justice League Unlimited, with the emotional depth and wider universe appeal of both added to it as well as that of the DC Universe as a whole.

It was a shame what happened to it when it was abruptly cancelled due to shenanigans that were going on at Cartoon Network and other things, such as CN not liking that girls watched the show more than boys, that they wanted to have more comedy shows instead of action shows, that there were poor toy sales, the abominations of reboots that CN decided to hash out in its place such as Teen Titans GO!, Powerpuff Girls 2016, and the Ben 10 reboot, getting rid of the short-lived DC Nation block, and whatever else was going on. Regardless, I’m just glad that in these dark times we’re probably gonna have with Donald Trump now elected president, there’s some good news happening.

It seems fair to say that season 3 is most likely going to be about The Team versus Darkseid and the forces of Apokolips (the planet, not the Marvel villain, plus there’s a spelling difference), given how that season 2 cliffhanger panned out. And while it’s great that YJ is back for a third season, I hope it’s not going to be the only comeback season, because there are so many more story ideas, concepts, characters, and other things that the show could utilize. That being said, much like with my lists of characters for Legends of Tomorrow, there are a bunch of characters that I’d like to see appear on YJ. Here is my first list of FIVE CHARACTERS I’d like to see appear on the show, either in the third season or a future season:

(Also, I was thinking of having Wally West on this list, but considering the nature of his death on the show being an homage to Barry Allen’s in Crisis on Infinite Earths, which was later revealed as him being absorbed into the Speed Force and later came back, I’m guessing Wally will be coming back in the same manner and maybe even be older and using his Rebirth costume, but that’s just me)

1. John Constantine


I’ve already talked about John Constantine plenty in my first top 10 characters for LOT. Already it seems like there’s still interest in using him in adaptations such as the upcoming Justice League Dark animated movie, with Matt Ryan himself even reprising his role from Constantine and Arrow, hopefully this could lead to a Constantine revival and more in the future. Honestly, I think he could be utilized in YJ somehow, and maybe even with Ryan doing the role if he’s interested and/or has time to. Not sure if he could be used in a story about The Team fighting Darkseid, but considering that the show has been able to handle arcs comprising entire seasons, standalone episodes, and subplots very well, I’m sure there’s something that could be done.

The way I could see him being used is The Team going on a mission regarding supernatural stuff and it somehow involves Constantine, who already has some history with certain DC characters like Zatanna and others. They get into some shenanigans, and while they may not be comfortable around him, they know deep down he’s a good guy. And again, with a Justice League Dark animated movie happening, there’s also potential for a counterpart of that team to appear in the show consisting of young supernatural characters led by Constantine and whatever conflicts and other things that could ensue between them.

2. Firestorm (any version)


Since John Constantine has been getting attention lately in recent adaptations, why not another character who’s gotten similar treatment as well, in this case Firestorm? And when I say any version of him, I do mean ANY version. Both YJ and LOT do manage to have decent takes on characters like Firestorm and Doctor Fate, in which they can sorta acknowledge and depict the original characters that held the moniker, like Ronnie Raymond and Kent Nelson, and then passing it on to other characters who only had minimal to no connections to them, like Jefferson Jackson and Zatara, but still honor the mantle and spirit of their predecessors and the ideas of them somehow. But I’ve made it clear that Ronnie Raymond is my favorite of the Firestorms, plus he’s going to be featured in the upcoming Justice League Action show as well so he is getting more attention and who knows if he’ll return to the Arrowverse at any point, though I think the Jackson/Stein Firestorm should be kept in LOT, so maybe just have Ronnie team up with Jason Rusch on Flash if at all, hopefully.

Anyway, that being said, keeping in line with recent comics and the youthful aspect of YJ itself, I think if Firestorm will feature in the show, it oughta be the Raymond/Rusch version, with Martin Stein as a mentor of sorts. I don’t know if it’d be better for them to be either high school or college students, but if the idea of Raymond being the “muscle” and Rusch being the “brain” and how they play that off each other is kept intact, then it should work. Heck, maybe even make them separate Firestorms and when they merge together, they turn into The Fury just like in New 52, which was something I actually liked from The New 52 Firestorm before DC just dropped it for no reason. Also, if they’re gonna address race between the two of them, don’t just shoehorn it in like The New 52 did, seriously. There’s also that “Fire Elemental” stuff that I’m sure could be integrated as well somehow.

3. Timothy Hunter


Here’s yet another character that I’m surprised hasn’t been adapted yet into another medium from DC/Vertigo, though I think it’s safe to say why that is, and that’s because Timothy Hunter is very similar to Harry Potter. Sure, Hunter predates Potter by a few years, but since the latter has been all the rage now for almost two decades and has gotten started up again with the Fantastic Beasts movie and their upcoming sequels, it’d be kinda hard to do an adaptation of The Books of Magic without similarities to Harry Potter being called out. Still, I think Timothy Hunter would make a good fit for YJ. Whether it’s DC, Vertigo, or New 52, the idea of Timothy Hunter remains the same and can be compared to how the other characters on YJ are done and be utilized as such. Like them, he’s a young person trying to find his place in the world, and wonders whether he should embrace his destiny or not as a powerful sorcerer. And if John Constantine is used in the show, this could pave the way for Hunter to appear and maybe he’ll either be a part of The Team or part of that “young counterpart” Justice League Dark team I mentioned.

4. Tefe Holland


I know I’m going on a bit of a roll talking about supernatural characters of DC and the younger characters that are a part of them, so why not add Tefe Holland to the list as well? Much like Hunter and the characters of YJ, she’s also someone with a particular background and destiny and has a tough time coming to terms with it. She’s a plant/human/demon hybrid daughter of Alec Holland aka Swamp Thing, his wife Abigail Holland, and John Constantine, who was possessed by Swamp Thing in order to conceive a child with Abby, however because Constantine had demon blood running through his veins thanks to a deal he made with demons in the “Dangerous Habits” arc of Hellblazer, and whatever other shenanigans he gets into, of course this results in Tefe pretty much having a bit of everything from all three of her parents in her, resulting in some pretty interesting powers as well as a difficulty to control them and an attitude to match.

Since she was the star of the Swamp Thing series written by Brian K. Vaughan that helped pretty much launch him to fame, going on to do stuff like Saga, Y: The Last Man, Ex Machina, and others, this is a badass character that deserves to be adapted, and what better way to do that than by putting her in Young Justice? Like with Hunter and Constantine, she could be introduced into the show and either be made a member of The Team or that “Young Dark” team. Does that sound like a good name for that, btw?

5. Anton Arcane


Since my list mostly consists of supernatural, magical, and/or other stuff related to them, as well as me constantly bringing up Justice League Dark or having some sort of “young version” of it, I guess what other villain I could think of for that than Anton Arcane. I know there’s been a much of villains that are a part of that particular side of the DCU, but I don’t think Anton Arcane has gotten as much attention as they do, at least in regards to adaptations. Originally depicted as a mad scientist who creates Frankenstein monster-type creatures and then acquiring demonic powers, The New 52 reimagined him as an avatar of The Black/Rot, all dead life on Earth, sort of a dark analogue to how Animal Man is to The Red and Swamp Thing is to The Green.

Honestly, I think the best way to depict this guy on YJ, if at all, would be to adapt the “Rotworld” storyline, almost in a similar manner to how the show adapted Invasion!, though of course instead of The Team and others, such as Hunter and Tefe and others I’ve mentioned, and of course the other Elementals like Animal Man, Swamp Thing, Firestorm, and others affiliated with them, trying to prevent it from happening, Arcane already succeeded in his plans and they have to stop him from making things worse, and this somehow results in things going back to normal (yeah it’s been a while since I read that story). Still, I think it’s a good idea to use him, but if it’d go along the lines of what I’m talking about, then maybe he should be the main antagonist of a future season instead of just being used for a bit in the third season, especially if “Rotworld” were to be adapted and he’d make an exception to other villains The Team has faced after they’re done with Darkseid and The Light, since he wouldn’t exactly be affiliated with any of them.


So that’s my list of characters that I think would be great for Young Justice. If you liked/disliked this list, if you agree/disagree with me, or think of other characters that should be in the show, let me know in the comments. Thanks for reading! 🙂



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