Daddy’s Home Movie Review

Daddy's Home poster

Rating: 3/5

I like bromantic comedies. Honestly, there’s nothing wrong with a couple of guys being “bros” and being funny while doing it, so long as it’s done well. Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg have certainly been doing excellent in that regard, both in The Other Guys (which deserves a sequel, seriously that was like one of the best buddy-cop movies in AGES, especially considering it came out the same year as Cop Out, a pretty bad one from what I’ve heard) and in Daddy’s Home.

Daddy's Home pic 5

Much like with The Other Guys, Ferrell and Wahlberg play polar opposites to each other, as is the case with these types of movies. Ferrell is the happy-go-lucky, passive-aggressive, naive but certainly not stupid, fun-loving guy, while Wahlberg is the tough, no-nonsense, bad boy hiding a gentle soul underneath. It’s because of how their characters are and how they play their personalities off each other that the movie works at being funny where it counts.

Daddy's Home pic 4

No, Will! Watch out for that-

Basically this movie is about a stepdad trying to get along with the biological father of his stepkids, trying to balance his work life and marriage and newfound parenthood, and ends up competing with the biological dad trying to win the affection of the kids, while all Hell breaks loose in the process. In the end, both guys realize what idiots they are and make up for what they did. Yeah, that’s kinda about it.

Daddy's Home pic 1

-wall. Well at least you didn’t have a blindfold like in Talledega Nights, that could’ve been worse lol

Now this doesn’t mean the movie is bad. It does have awkward moments, the humor can be little off at times, trying to walk a thin line between extremes of bromantic comedy and whatever abysmal things can be deemed humorous in an Adam Sandler movie (fun fact: this movie was directed by the guy who did That’s My Boy, so that kinda explains some of the off-putting humor in this movie, though thankfully there isn’t much of that here). It’s a nice balance that can provide plenty of laughs, but also some weird stuff. And when things do get to their extreme, all I can ask is, why isn’t Ferrell’s wife and the mother of the kids, played by Linda Cardellini, doing anything to stop their antics? Sure, she can give em a firm talking to at times, but she’s just letting this all happen, and then suddenly after things have obviously gone too far, if they haven’t already (they have), she THEN puts her foot down? Seriously, the fuck?

Daddy's Home pic 3

Daddy’s Home may not be consistently laugh-out-loud funny, but it certainly is funny where it counts. Everyone in this movie manages to contribute to the overall humor in their own way, even Hannibal Buress who is kinda random and just “there” at times yet also fitting, and also John Cena too despite only being in it for a couple of seconds, given how the movie transpires. With news of a sequel already being made to this, I hope to see more Ferrell/Wahlberg pairings of hilarious proportions. Maybe even a sequel to The Other Guys? Eh? Well, one can wait and hope lol 😉 .

Daddy's Home pic 2

Yeah, this isn’t an awkward family photo at all. I should know from experience lol


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