My Third Top 10 Characters for DC’s Legends of Tomorrow

With the Arrowverse shows getting renewed for more seasons, and the upcoming Flash/Supergirl crossover, it seems that DC is doing an okay job so far of managing their live-action multiverse. Legends of Tomorrow is still DC’s premiere team-up show, meaning that ANY characters now can be incorporated into it, regardless of which show they first appear in, universe they inhabit, or even what network it’s on (that is depending on if there’ll ever be a crossover between Gotham and the other DC shows, which I imagine probably won’t happen for a while). However, there are some characters and/or ideas shown in the Arrowverse before that have left me wondering if they’ll ever be seen or explored again, and I think LOT could be a good way to bring them back.

1. Superboy (Kon-El)


Supergirl uses a wide variety of Superman’s supporting cast of allies and enemies, and that’s not a bad thing. It happens in comics, so it makes sense to do that in a TV show too. I wouldn’t be surprised at some point in the show’s run that Superboy, the clone of Superman and Lex Luthor, would be depicted. While there hasn’t been a mention of Luthor on the show, again it uses a lot of the supporting cast, so he will probably be referenced and/or shown, who knows. I can see Superboy being integrated similar to how Roy Harper and Wally West have been integrated into the Arrowverse, but with Kon-El’s backstory. He’s a young guy struggling to find his purpose in life and handling his “limited” Superman powers, trying to do so through superheroics, and also having the weight of the legacies of both a hero AND a villain bearing down on him, making him question how he wants to carry on both as a hero and as a person. And if he’s introduced in Supergirl, this would also present an opportunity to show how they would interact with each other. Would she feel angry or compassionate towards a clone of her cousin that was created to replace him? Would she mentor him on his powers and heroics and how would that be carried out? Would he be angry at his existence of being a clone of Superman and that Superman may be a bit uncomfortable around him? Would their relationship be like her treating him like her cousin or turn into a brother-sister thing? Would they learn from each other how they don’t need to look to Superman for help and can be their own heroes? These ideas were explored in previous adaptations in which Superboy was a part of, be it Smallville or Young Justice, so it’d be cool to see how Supergirl would handle it if that ever happens. All of that could lead to him potentially being added to LOT, seeing how he handles being on a team of heroes, villains, antiheroes, being on a team in general, and how they help shape him into a legend in his own right, and not just for being known as Superman’s clone, just like his time with Young Justice and the Titans in comics. Plus, the Flash/Supergirl crossover is confirming that elements of Superman exist in the Arrowverse and the wider multiverse as a whole, so it’d be cool to see something from the Superman Family being incorporated. Also, he’s probably one of the few superheroes to with the most simplistic and awesome of costumes: a black T-shirt with the Superman “S” logo, jeans, and shoes. Maybe throw in some fingerless gloves, a black jacket, and sunglasses, and you got one awesome-looking character. Just don’t do The New 52 version, please (what is up with that outfit anyway? it looks like a rejected Tron: Legacy outfit, no wonder his series got canned, it’s never revealed what it’s supposed to do or what those red energy bars do to him).

2. Hawkman (Katar Hol)

Hawkman Katar Hol

If there’s any character with REALLY complicated histories in comics (and there are A LOT), it’s Hawkman. So far I liked how the Arrowverse depicted the Carter Hall version, keeping it simple as him being a reincarnation of an Egyptian prince and nothing more, though it sucked he died in the second episode and who knows if he’ll ever appear again. The comics in which he comes from, though, try to make it more complicated by adding in the Thanagar stuff, merging him with the other Hawkman Katar Hol, and whatever else each retcon DC uses on him for some reason. I’m not gonna get into that. What I will say, however, is that it would be cool to see the Katar Hol version of Hawkman appear in LOT. I think it’s best to keep the two versions of Hawkman separate, and probably the best way to do that is by having Katar Hol be from Thanagar, like the comics, but he’s from the Earth-2 or even Earth-1 universe (the Nth metal that gives the Hawks their powers is extraterrestrial, after all), which is sorta keeping in line with how the Hawkmen are depicted in comics, just with not trying to mix them together. Maybe even incorporate the grittier version of him from Hawkworld, in that he started out as a young officer on his home planet of Thanagar, and that he struggles between doing the right thing and following the law, probably becoming “rougher” than Carter Hall was as a result, as well as some of the other alien villains he’s known to fight, and it’d be cool to finally see aliens in the Arrowverse. If Katar Hol does appear in the show, and also played by Falk Hentschel, it’d also be cool to see him interact with Hawkgirl (Kendra Saunders) from Earth-1, and how she would deal with a person who looks like her former lover, but really isn’t.

3. Manhunter (Kate Spencer)

Manhunter Kate Spencer

Arrow season 2 was awesome, but if I had to nitpick on what I didn’t like about it, it was Kate Spencer. The first female Manhunter, a total badass, and she’s treated like a passive-aggressive ragdoll that simply stands on the sidelines, allowing the bad guys to run rampant, and then she gets killed as a result, making her Kate Spencer “in name only”. Now, with the live-action multiverse already in place, this could allow for the more traditional Kate Spencer to appear somehow, maybe she could be from Earth-2 or another universe, in which she’s just as hardboiled, determined, and overall awesome like in the comics, with the skills, arsenal, and cool costume to match. Since she’s worked for the DEO and other law enforcement in the comics, she could also be introduced in Supergirl somehow, but I guess it’s a wait and see for now if the REAL Kate Spencer will ever appear in anything Arrowverse-related, but she’d still make a nice addition to the team.

4. Sgt. Rock

Sgt. Rock

When I first heard about Jonah Hex appearing in LOT, it got me thinking that if time-travel will still be an element of the show in future seasons, it could lead the way for more eras to be explored, like World War II. This could also lead for the WWII characters of DC to appear, and who better than Sgt. Rock? While I don’t know much about the character, I think he is to DC’s military comics what Jonah Hex is to their Western comics. There have been attempts to “modernize” him, but they don’t seem to go very far, and I think that if he does make an appearance in the Arrowverse, for right now it should be WWII. And if Rock does appear in modern times, it could be through him time-traveling or one of his descendants, since I think that has been done in the comics before. The team has also had problems working together or following Rip Hunter’s orders, so maybe this could call for some strict discipline and structure from Rock, be it him as a second-in-command, giving Rip advice or input, or just simply leading the team if it calls for it. Plus, since he’s primarily known for being in WWII, and a certain drug introduced in Arrowverse was created during that time, that being Mirakuru, it would make for an interesting depiction of how mirakuru started out. Speaking of Mirakuru, or should I say “miracle”…

5. Hourman (Rick Tyler, Rex Tyler, and/or Matthew Tyler)


Ever since Mirakuru appeared, as well as its translation revealed to be “miracle”, I’ve been wondering whether Hourman would appear or not. A while back it was announced that there was development on an Hourman TV series for the CW. Since then, not much has been heard about it, so like a lot of other shows rumored/announced, it’s probably dead. Still, doesn’t mean Hourman can’t appear. I kinda thought that after Deathstroke and him using Mirakuru soliders, this could lead to Hourman showing up, with both Rex Tyler and his son Rick, and how they try to make the drug safer and turn it into “Miraclo”, in which it has the same potency, or perhaps stronger potency, but the effects only last an hour, hence the superhero name. However, the drug is also addictive, meaning that in order to prevent from going crazy or becoming monstrous, it can only be used once a day, so as not to relive the Mirakuru fiasco that happened with Slade, Roy, and others. Also, in the future, there is an Hourman android who is based on Rex’s DNA, but calls himself Matthew Tyler. The way I could see all three Hourmen appearing are that Rex and Rick are father and son businessmen who are looking to turn the mirakuru into Miraclo, making it safer but more powerful, Rex was a Mirakuru experiment during WWII or another time and became Hourman but retired due to being unable to control his “violent tendencies”, and his son takes the Miraclo and becomes Hourman. Then, in the future, the Hourman android is created and travels through time to be a superhero like his ancestors.

6. Mister Terrific (Michael/Curtis Holt)

Mister Terrific Michael Holt

This guy has been in Arrow season 4, and while they have hinted at his Mister Terrific identity with his scientific knowledge and the T-spheres, he’s yet to become the hero he is in the comics. They also changed his name from Michael to Curtis, which was weird, and maybe that could mean he goes by the name Curtis but his real name is Michael and Curtis is his middle name, I don’t know. Regardless, he’s probably gonna become Mister Terrific at some point, and if so, his development into that could be further explored in LOT, much like with Ray Palmer as Atom, just different. Plus him rocking the FAIRPLAY jacket and the T mask on his face would be cool if that happens. Though he might face some competition on who’s “terrific” and the best at “fair play”…

7. Mister Terrific/Mr. 8 (Terry Sloane)

Terry Sloane

The original Mister Terrific, or as he’s called in modern times, Mr. 8 (it’s supposed to mean 8th wonder of the world, or really just the 8th “Wonder” aka hero on the New 52 Earth-2) was originally a Golden Age superhero. He even helped out his successor, Michael Holt, at one point or another before dying. In The New 52 Earth 2 series, he used to be a superhero before resorting to drastic measures to defeat the forces of Apokolips that caused the deaths of a lot of innocent people, turning him into an egotistical and maniacal villain, not exactly tragic but a little bit. With Earth-2 introduced in the Arrowverse, he could pop up and cause trouble for anyone that he comes across, be it Holt, Team Arrow or Flash, or the LOT team.

8. Power Girl

Power Girl

With Supergirl crossing over with The Flash, establishing it exists as an alternate universe to the Arrowverse, this raises the question of whether there’s a certain Earth-2 character similar to Supergirl existing, that being Power Girl. I don’t see her appearing anytime soon, but if Supergirl is another universe next to the Arrowverse, and since Earth-2 exists, there is potential for her to appear. Sharing a similar backstory to Supergirl, Kara Zor-L aka Karen Starr was from the Krypton of her universe, crash landed on Earth, was found by the Superman and Lois Lane (they’re married) of that universe, and became the superhero Power Girl. Her potential appearance in Supergirl could make for interesting character dynamics between the two, like if Power Girl is more older and experienced, tries to teach her alternate counterpart a thing or two, they learn from each other, fights more aggressively, has a different secret identity, and she tries to adjust living on another universe while also missing her home, not quite different than Supergirl. I don’t know if they would get Melissa Benoist or another actress to play Power Girl, but considering how the Bizarro episodes played out, it’d be interesting to see the doppelganger scenario play out again, albeit a bit different and less hostile. And then maybe further down the road she could join the team in LOT, going through a similar development as a hero like White Canary and Hawkgirl. I don’t know which outfit they’d go with, either the original one with the cleavage window or the initial New 52 one, but I guess it’s wait and see.

9. Amazo


Professor Ivo and Amazo (sort of) were introduced in the Arrowverse, just not exactly like the comics. The Arrowverse depicted Ivo as a biologist and not a roboticist and killed him off. While there hasn’t been much to explore Ivo in recent episodes of Arrow, that doesn’t mean he can’t appear again in a different capacity. Supergirl already depcited T.O. Morrow and Red Tornado, which could lead to a different version of Ivo who ends up creating the Amazo android. Amazo is known to mimic the powers of any superhero he encounters, so Supergirl would have her hands more full than when she fought Red Tornado, or worse yet the LOT team since he’d be fighting multiple superpowered individuals, depending who’s on the team of course.

10. Blue Beetle (Ted Kord)

Blue Beetle Ted Kord

Kord Industries has been referenced, and pretty much robbed a lot, in the Arrowverse. If that’s the case, where the heck is Ted Kord? He’s been referenced numerous times before, and his company has been featured, so there’d be something that indicate he exists through at least an appearance at some point. Of course, it was mentioned that DC has “big plans” for Ted Kord, which was why he didn’t appear in season 3 as planned and Ray Palmer showed up instead. Still, it’d be nice to know if anything is being done with him. He could probably show up in Arrow, deciding to finally put his foot down on his company being attacked so many friggin times, become Blue Beetle and use his inventions to fight crime, and then join the team in LOT. I already mentioned Booster Gold in my last list, so maybe the two of them could appear together as the lovable “Blue and Gold” duo. Or that Booster Gold and Blue Beetle teamup show is happening and he might appear or he might not, who knows. What else could be said but “Bwahahahahahaha!”

So there’s my third list of characters for DC’s Legends of Tomorrow. This time I tried to incorporate more “multiversal” characters into the list, and maybe someday this could be incorporated into the shows themselves. As always, if you’re reading this, let me know what you think of this list and your possible additions to the team, regardless of which universe they’re from.







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