My Second Top 10 Characters for DC’s Legends of Tomorrow

Justice League Dark pic 2

Since I mentioned John Constantine in my last list, and since it was rumored/announced he would be in the second season of DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, it kinda got me thinking that maybe the team would be fighting against a more supernatural and/or magic-based threat, not to mention considering that if Matt Ryan reprises his role from Constantine, season 2 of LOT could also continue some of the plot threads left dangling by that show. With that in mind, this could open up opportunities for the supernatural and/or magic-based characters to be adapted for that. While there is that Dark Universe movie, based on the Justice League Dark comics, that may or may not happen that would feature those types of characters, and granted, there are some characters here on this list that aren’t like that, I thought they’d still make a nice fit for the show if they ever appear. Plus it doesn’t throw away the concept of a team consisting of these types of characters, be it just them or being added to the current team on LOT. I don’t know what could happen in season 2 if this pans out, if Rip recruits them or something entirely different happens, but it’s a possibility.

Another thing I thought of when making this list is that some of these characters are not only proficient in magic or related to the supernatural, but also how it plays into them. It’s a way for the characters to deal with having power or their “inner darkness”, how it could affect them and/or how they could use it, if at all, and what would be the effects of those actions. There was a phrase for the first season of True Detective, “touch darkness and darkness touches you back”, and Huntress once said in Arrow “once you let the darkness inside, it never comes out”, both of which say, in a way, that because some, if not all, of these characters have a dark side to them or powers that lead them to a dark side of some sort, and how they deal with it. Some of the characters on LOT already have “inner darkness” stuff they deal with, and it’d be interesting to see how that could be explored if they, be it the original team and/or any new members that show up, face against who I think they could be facing in the second season, who is pretty much an agent or even an embodiment of darkness.

1. Felix Faust

Felix Faust Arrowverse

One particular villain that made a single guest appearance on Constantine was Felix Faust played by Mark Margolis. Now I don’t know if the character is still alive after that episode, but it’d be interesting if he was one of the villains for LOT. If LOT does go in a more supernatural direction, the bigger threat would probably be the Rising Darkness led by Manny the Angel, though Felix Faust could still be incorporated into that and even live up to the namesake of the character of which he was modeled on, Faust, by making a deal with Manny in getting more power, since one of the recurring traits of him is that he tends to barter his soul for more power. He’s also a powerful sorcerer in his own right and has been a significant threat to anyone he comes across, including his own son. Speaking of which…

2. Sebastian Faust

Sebastian Faust

Now I don’t know much about this character aside from what I looked up and a few comics appearances I’ve seen him in. However if Felix Faust appears, then so should his son, and maybe his daughter too though I know even less about her. All I know about Sebastian is that his father tried to barter his soul to the demon Nebiros, but the demon cheated and gave the powers, originally promised to Felix, to Sebastian instead. Since then, he has been a hero and member of the Outsiders (the superhero team formed by Batman), as well as a constant thorn on his father’s side. Having the Fausts appear could make for some interesting family dynamics, such as them being dedicated to their respective sides of the conflict they’re in, yet having some weird father-son respect/love/hate for each other.

3. Katana

Katana Arrowverse

Like I mentioned with Deadshot in my previous list, DC has been weird with their live-action multiverse and not having multiple versions of certain characters. So far the same can’t be said for Katana, who has appeared in both the Arrowverse on Arrow (season 3 and in a recent season 4 episode) and the Extended Universe (I’m seriously not gonna let this go, but what is with that name?) in the Suicide Squad movie, by different actresses. I don’t know if this means one is gonna get killed in one universe or what, but I hope that’s not the case, because there’s nothing wrong with variety, having different versions of things, and it wouldn’t seem like it’d be much of a multiverse if there can’t be multiple versions of things and they don’t have much of a duration in order to keep just one of them. Regardless, Katana has been getting a lot of attention in recent years, being adapted in multiple mediums and getting her own comic (short-lived but still, plus she’s being featured in that upcoming Suicide Squad: Most Wanted miniseries, which was originally supposed to be her own miniseries). Katana has been a member of multiple teams, notably the Outsiders, Justice League, and Birds of Prey, is a powerful hero in her own right, and has experience with the supernatural, through the use of the Soultaker Sword, which, as its name suggests, captures souls and allows her to communicate with them, including her dead husband. It’d be interesting to see if and/or how that would come into play if she were added to the team and the possible supernatural threat they’d be facing…

4. Etrigan the Demon

Etrigan the Demon

This one would be a bit tricky, considering the character’s history and background. Etrigan is a demon (gee, I wonder what gave that away) who was bonded to Jason Blood, a knight in King Arthur’s Camelot. Since then, they’ve been together for a long time, with Jason having the benefits of being immortal and having vast amounts of knowledge on mythology and other things, but also having to deal with the problems of sharing his existence with a demon. Due to his nature, Etrigan is more of an antihero, only fighting for a side that serves his interests. Doesn’t matter if it’s with the Justice League or being in the service of Hell, Etrigan is a force to be reckoned with. Not to mention he has a killer rhyme that, honestly, would put some high-profile musicians or poets to shame [insert Kanye West joke here]. If he got added to the Arrowverse through LOT, he could be a character that’d be playing both sides of the conflict, giving advice or simply misleading, and then when the chips are down, he’ll pick a side and fight. Plus, having the split-personality thing would be cool, maybe something a bit Hulk-like but not too much, and provide some funny dialogue and darkly comedic moments. What else can be said but “Gone, gone, o form of man, arise [in the Arrowverse] the demon…Etrigan!”

5. Booster Gold

Booster Gold

This was something a lot of people were wondering about ever since it was revealed that both time-travel and Rip Hunter would be featured in LOT, and those go together like, well, peanut butter and jelly. Basically, Rip Hunter is Booster Gold’s son, from whom (at least in the future) he got his knowledge of time-travel and other things, it could still be incorporated, I’ve heard rumors, so it’s a guessing game at this point. I don’t know what DC has planned for Booster Gold as far as adapting him goes, but I remember at one point that the Arrowverse creators planned a TV series for him on Syfy, which I guess if there’s no news now about it then there’s nothing happening since it’s been more than a year after the initial announcement, and now a possible team-up movie between him and the Ted Kord version of Blue Beetle, of whom it’s been said that DC has “big plans” since he was originally gonna appear in Arrow season 3 but was replaced by Ray Palmer/Atom. If Rip Hunter is going to be a mainstay in LOT for a while, then it’d be cool if Booster Gold showed up. Originally starting out as a showoff hero from the future just to make a quick buck in the past, he has really grown as a character and a superhero, having fought against numerous threats that would hurt the timestream, but he has to keep it a secret so that, according to his son Rip, history would remain intact because it only knows him as a braggart. Still, it doesn’t stop him from being a well-renowned member of the Justice League and best friend/superhero partner with his best friend Ted Kord/Blue Beetle, or even being a mentor of sorts to Kord’s successor, Jamie Reyes. Considering all that, it’d be cool to see him appear and have that development from zero to hero transpire.

6. Eclipso


At first, I thought it was just Manny the Angel that was leading the Rising Darkness. What if it was something else at play? What if Manny is either being manipulated or is actually someone else in disguise, like say Eclipso? Originally just a B-list villain, it was later revealed that he was a demon in a black diamond that possesses people who have it, a former Angel of Vengeance in the service of God, who let his power get to him and committed atrocities of megalomaniacal proportions, who merely posed as a “B-lister” so he won’t be detected too much by other heroes, but once he unleashed his true power, it takes a lot to stop him. This is where adapting The Darkness Within storyline could come into play, in which Eclipso launches a plan to spread multiple black diamonds across the world in order to possess a lot of people, heroes and villains included, because after the team defeats Vandal Savage, this would leave a power vacuum in which anyone could make a bid at taking over the world, and who else would be a perfect fit to do that, considering again that John Constantine would be possibly added to the team and it could result in continuing Constantine’s dangling plotlines, than Eclipso? Constantine kinda did make references to Eclipso in a way, through the evil force’s name of “Rising Darkness”, and Jim Corrigan, who becomes The Spectre and one of Eclipso’s biggest enemies, was featured. I already mentioned the Jim Corrigan version of Spectre in my previous list as a good addition to LOT, as either a member or other force, so there’s potential for all that stuff to be added in somehow. Also I don’t know if Eclipso would be possessing someone like in the comics in order to be an actual threat or if it’ll just be himself without needing to possess someone, but he’d be a cool antagonist to face.

7. Ragman


Like Resurrection Man, this is a cool idea for a character that I’m surprised doesn’t get explored much so far as I know. While Katana has the Soultaker Sword and does communicate with souls, Ragman is a different story. Rory Regan aka Ragman, a Jewish superhero, has a suit made entirely of souls, in the form of “rags”, which he uses their attributes and skills in order to fight evil. Some of the souls he absorbs are evil people, and this provides inner conflict because he’s trying to control them and sometimes this results in him losing control and having to be stopped or calmed down by other heroes. He’s also a skilled magic user, which in addition to his other abilities and that he’s been a member of a ragtag team, kinda similar to the one in LOT, of supernatural characters known as Shadowpact, would make him a good addition to the team if they fight against a supernatural and/or magic-based threat.

8. Huntress (Helena Bertinelli and/or Helena Wayne)

Huntress Arrowverse

Huntress Helena Wayne

The Huntress, regardless of which version, is a wildcard. She’s extreme in almost every way, with a fiery temper and dangerous skills to boot. Helena Bertinelli has already been featured in Arrow, played by Jessica De Gouw, and Earth 2 is featured in the Arrowverse and other related shows, so that means Helena Wayne could be shown, possibly by the same actress, hopefully if DC finally allows Batman to somehow exist in either of those universes and not just through references or the use of his villains. Granted, De Gouw is busy with other projects, but it’d be nice to see her character’s development from a “rough” vigilante to a true hero in her own right be shown more, possibly through LOT like with Sara Lance as White Canary, who, come to think of it, are a lot alike and share a similar relationship like Black Canary and Huntress in the comics, which could be explored if that were to happen. Of course they’d have to get over Huntress nearly killing her sister that one time, but I’m sure they could “work it out” somehow if they were on the same team.

9. Raven


There are a bunch of characters who deal with a literal and metaphorical “inner darkness”, and Raven is no exception. One of the most powerful characters in the DCU, Raven is the daughter of a human woman and the demon Trigon, who orchestrated her birth as part of his plan to take over the world. With her powers of sorcery, energy manipulation, and others, she decided to fight against her father and reform the Teen Titans as a result. This of course was already adapted into the well-beloved Teen Titans animated series, which, along with that she’s one of my favorite characters from that show and the comics too, could somehow be integrated if she were put on the team to fight against a supernatural threat. Sure, it wouldn’t exactly be her father (yet), but given her experience with Trigon, she could utilize that experience against something similar. I remember at one point there was going to be a live-action Raven series, which didn’t happen, and then there’s that live-action Titans show on TNT that may or may not happen, and since DC is doing a live-action multiverse, maybe her being introduced in LOT could somehow lead into that. Hey, if Flash, Supergirl, Arrow, and Constantine can have crossovers despite being on different networks, why not another (yes I know Constantine was cancelled during the Arrow crossover, but still)?

10. Zatanna


At one point, there was the possibility that Zatanna was gonna make an appearance on Constantine, which of course didn’t happen due to it getting canned. However, like I said, ideas and plotlines for Constantine could be integrated into LOT. Zatanna is not only a mistress of magic who does her spellwork by saying words backwards (that’ll sure be a bit difficult to do in live-action, yeah I know she was on Smallville but I don’t exactly know what happened in her appearances there), she also has connections with A LOT of the supernatural and/or magic-based characters, especially some of the ones on this list and the previous list. She could be something of a den mother to the group, keeping an eye on everyone but also caring, since she knows who and what they are and what they’re capable of, and is both trusting and cautious around them as a result. Also, she’s had a bit of an on/off relationship with John Constantine, so maybe somehow that could be put in. But please, DON’T do a repeat of Olicity with them, it’s much better off that way.

There we go with the second list. Do you think the Legends of Tomorrow would be facing against a supernatural threat in the second season? And if so, let me know if you agree with some of these character suggestions, and if you have any of your own, please mention them in the comments. Thanks! 🙂

Justice League Dark



  1. odysseanmiscellany · March 12, 2016

    Hi. Great blog you’ve got going here. I do remember that someone higher up said that they were looking to change the line-up and villain every season, so I could see a supernatural presence, except they’ve kind of already done that with Savage. For the next villain – since there IS a next season of LoT coming, yay! – I would guess something alien. But if they are going for supernatural, I’d think maybe something demonic – Trigon, perhaps?

    That would allow for Raven to enter. I like that idea, yes (loved her from Teen Titans).

    Liked by 1 person

  2. philler211 · March 15, 2016

    Thank you very much! Yeah I know Savage is a bit on the supernatural side of things, but given how the first season also has a lot of sci-fi, maybe it’s more like science fantasy. I’m thinking depending on how next season is done, the supernatural will be more overt, either through Eclipso, Trigon, or a combination of them and others. I would still like John Constantine to be a part of it.


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