My First Top 10 Characters For DC’s Legends of Tomorrow

Legends of Tomorrow poster

Let’s face it, the Arrowverse (which may or may not include Supergirl since it’s created by the same people) is already well in place as DC’s premiere live-action universe right now. Yeah, there’s the Extended Universe (seriously, who came up with that name?), the Gothamverse (so far not connected to anything…for now) and while not every shared universe has to copy the Marvel method step-by-step and release 2-3 movies every year, with multiple shows on different networks connected to it no less, DC certainly is taking their time, and the slate of upcoming movies is both promising and cautious. But the Arrowverse has had buildup, character growth and development, and storylines maintained throughout all the shows that take place in it, because that’s the beauty of TV dealing with long-running stories instead of things being condensed in a movie consisting of two hours or more. But then again, that doesn’t mean there can’t be both or that they can’t crossover, as Disney/Marvel has proven so far (Fox’s iron grip on X-Men notwithstanding too…for now).

The Justice League movie (or movies, rather) is happening, but not for a while. In the meantime, there’s already a premiere live-action team show in place for the Arrowverse, and that’s Legends of Tomorrow. From what I can understand, this will feature characters joining forces, be it hero, villain, or anti-hero, working together and going on adventures, but also probably fall in line with team-up stories, so there’s the possibility that the roster could change every season if that’s the case, though not COMPLETELY changing and having some characters sticking around (however I call that Captain Cold and Heat Wave leave after first or second season to return in a future Flash season, gather up the Rogues, and fight The Flash). There are a lot of DC characters, so for now here are my first 10 characters, whether they be ones that have appeared in Arrowverse before or new to Arrowverse, that’d be awesome to have in Legends of Tomorrow, whether they’re members of the team, opposing the team, or something else.

1. Deadshot

Deadshot Arrow 3

Look, I know that DC is weird about certain characters appearing in multiple formats, and Deadshot is one of them, which is weird because what’s the point of doing a multiverse if there can’t be MULTIPLE VERSIONS of a character? Right now, the biggest exposure the character is getting is the upcoming Suicide Squad movie with Will Smith portraying him. However, Michael Rowe came first in the Arrowverse and pretty much was dead-on in his delivery, becoming a fan-favorite. My inner fanboy hopes that he is somehow still alive or could still appear in another way, since Arrow season 4 has his employer HIVE as the antagonist and the one he was hired to “kill”, Andy Diggle, being alive, so why not have Deadshot return to “settle the score”? Afterwards, he can join the LOT and become the “legendary marksman” he’s renowned for? Not to mention Deadshot has had great comradery and/or shenanigans with other teams he’s been in, be it Suicide Squad or Secret Six, so why not LOT?

2. John Constantine

John Constantine Constantine and Arrowverse

This one is pretty much a given since it was announced (or rumored) that John Constantine, the Hellblazer himself, will appear in the SECOND SEASON of LOT, and also played by Matt Ryan who did a fantastic job as the character on the short-lived Constantine show. But still, it’s worth talking about, because the “crossover” of Constantine and Arrow was friggin awesome and there’s a HUGE demand for more Constantine in the Arrowverse, be it a revival of the Constantine show, the character appearing in multiple shows, or just simply joining the team in LOT. It’s a shame that his show got canned and while it did have its problems, the biggest being it was on NBC, there was potential for improvement over time given the people involved, the source material it’s based on, and how it was received. Plus, with Rip Hunter and John Constantine being British guys wearing trench coats, dealing with extraordinary things on a regular basis with a dark sense of humor and wit, the quips alone between them would be through the roof. There must be quippery! Oh and Constantine did have some dangling plot threads like the Rising Darkness, Manny the angel being their leader, and Jim Corrigan becoming The Spectre, so it’d be cool if LOT featured those and other supernatural stuff.

3. Resurrection Man

Resurrection Man

A superhero who gets different superpowers every time he’s killed and subsequently resurrected. How is this not a major thing? Given that the Arrowverse has gone from a guy fighting street-crime in a downtrodden city to people with superpowers and otherworldly events happening, Mitch Shelley aka Resurrection Man would be PERFECT to add to that. For some reason other than bad sales, Resurrection Man wasn’t exactly a “big” thing that took off for DC, though he did gain a cult following and made guest appearances in other books, and was fortunate to have his original creators, Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning, work on both his original AND New 52 series, despite both volumes being short-lived. The character is also especially fitting for TV since his own series was written like a TV series with a big story arc enveloping everything. Mitch is also immortal and from what I looked up he also had a feud of sorts with Vandal Savage, which if RM is ever adapted into Arrowverse, may not exactly happen since Savage will probably only be the main antagonist of LOT for one season. Plus he also lives to the 853rd century, so interesting to see if multiple versions of him at different points in time would be shown.

4. The Spectre (Jim Corrigan)

The Spectre

If John Constantine is appearing, then so is The Spectre. There were hints and small build-up leading to Jim Corrigan becoming The Spectre in the Constantine show, and since Constantine is now canon with the rest of Arrowverse, that means Spectre is as well. I don’t expect him to join with the group, given his immense power and being “God’s Spirit of Vengeance”, but he’s been a part of supergroups before like the Justice Society, so maybe have him be like this powerful force the LOT encounter, then later on he sorta joins them I guess. It would be tough to fully adapt the character, given his seemingly limitless powers and it’d be hard to, well, “limit” that on a TV budget, but if Firestorm and Flash can be done, so can The Spectre. Also, it’d be interesting if Jim Corrigan becoming Spectre is one of those things that Rip Hunter must “ensure” will happen, since he’s a time-traveler “sorting out” history, and of course John Constantine is somehow involved with that.

5. Green Lantern (Hal Jordan)

Green Lantern Hal Jordan

Green Lantern, the Hal Jordan version, is my favorite superhero. The Arrowverse needs to STOP teasing Hal Jordan and just bring him in already, if they’re going to at all. Coast City has been referenced AND visited, Ferris Air  has been shown and “one of their pilots mysteriously disappeared”, and of course the season 4 premiere which showed a guy wearing a flight jacket with the name tag “Jordan” on it. I understand the guys who created the Arrowverse also helped make the Green Lantern movie, and while that movie sucked, I don’t blame it entirely on them. I can understand they’re cautious about bringing him in, but that doesn’t mean the guy keeps getting teased endlessly and nothing is done with him. There’s already a Green Lantern reboot movie being made, so that kinda nixes the idea of a GL live-action show, yet he could still appear. Hal Jordan not only has a lot of his own history, but also shared history with other characters as well, notably with Green Arrow and The Flash, so if they want to build him up more in those shows before making him a character in LOT or something, fine, but the teasing needs to stop. PLEASE.

6. The Question (Vic Sage)

The Question

I’m not too keen on the whole supernatural thing DC is doing with The Question and apparently DC isn’t either since they haven’t done much with him or the rest of the Trinity of Sin for a while since either Forever Evil or the “ongoing” Trinity of Sin series got cancelled after six issues, granted they did have potential. And no, I’m not counting what they’re doing with “Vic Sage” in New Suicide Squad either, who’s a total asshat. The Question is probably one of the best detective superheroes out there, next to Batman of course lol. Without him, Rorschach in Watchmen wouldn’t exist. And if not for Rorschach, there wouldn’t have been that awesome The Question series in the 80s. Not only is he a proficient detective, but also a hard-boiled investigative journalist AND a martial artist. He also provides excellent viewpoints for situations he’s in and how to approach them, so it’d be interesting to see how that’d fit in with him joining the group in some capacity.

7. Firestorm (Ronnie Raymond)

Ronnie Raymond Arrowverse

What is it with Ronnie Raymond and the Arrowverse? He’s been presumably dead twice, came back once last season and will probably come back again this season or some other time, especially after Robbie Amell posted photos of him next to Franz Drameh, who plays Jefferson Jackson the new Firestorm, saying “Firestorm is in capable hands, but I’ll be back”, him next to Victor Garber who plays Martin Stein, and some photos of the quantum splicer and other things. Not that I don’t like Jax, but Ronnie came first, and if Robbie Amell wants to focus on his film career and The X-Files first before going back to the fan-favorite role that everyone loved, that’s fine. But seriously, either keep him dead, or really just bring him back, which will probably happen anyway. While it was recently announced that Amell is returning as Deathstorm, the Ronnie Raymond of Earth-2, and I think it was rumored that Amell will be appearing in LOT, who knows what’ll happen. Ronnie Raymond is my favorite of the Firestorms and it’d be a shame for the potential of his character to be further explored be put to waste.

8. Atom Smasher (Al Rothstein)

Atom Smasher Arrowverse

Another great character that DC killed off in the Arrowverse. Actually, TWO versions of him in the Arrowverse. Seriously, what the hell? Al Rothstein is a good character, though a troubled one at that. He’s got the weight of a legacy on him, being the godson of Al Pratt the original Golden Age Atom, complicated relationships with women, and also HUGE weight since he can change his size at will, not to mention he’s been on the grayer sides of superheroics, having been a member of the JSA and its affiliates, as well as a complex friendship with Black Adam. I can understand The Flash show only having him in one appearance (so far, anyway) with its limited budget only able to do so much with the size-changing powers, and Adam Copeland did a good job and I hope he’ll be seen again in the Arrowverse. Still, killing him off TWICE in the EXACT SAME EPISODE  doesn’t help matters and does a disservice to his character. Hopefully this can be rectified somehow and maybe his development into a hero, regardless of which universe he’s from, will be given a proper treatment in LOT.

9. Doctor Fate (any of them)

Doctor Fate

Another thing from Constantine that could be followed up on in LOT, that being the Helmet of Fate. Doctor Fate is pretty much, as Aqualad in Young Justice show described, “Earth’s Sorcerer Supreme” (DF did exist before Doctor Strange, btw). There have been A LOT of Doctor Fates throughout the years, but basically it boils down to that they have these artifacts, the Helmet of Fate, merge with the spirit of Nabu, and have magic powers. Pretty much any version would be perfect for LOT, be it Kent Nelson, Hector Hall (Hawkman and Hawkgirl’s son, which would provide interesting family dynamics since LOT already did that with Aldus Boardman being their son too), Khalid Ben-Hassin (from Earth 2, which would be interesting if he exists on the Earth 2 in Arrowverse), Khalid Nassour, and anyone else, even make a new version or use an existing character as Doctor Fate like Young Justice did with Zatara and Arrowverse did with Jax as Firestorm.

10. Starman (Jack Knight)

Jack Knight Starman

Opal City has already been referenced in the Arrowverse, with Deathbolt appearing and being from Opal City, and his powers revealed not to have come from the particle accelerator, but from something else, and I think the Circus of Strange or whatever it’s called from Starman appeared in The Flash: Season Zero comic, thus widening the possibilities of other metahumans outside of the particle accelerator explosion, as seen or implied in Arrowverse right now. I haven’t read the entire 90s Starman series, given that it ran its course in the 90s while I was growing up and didn’t read much comics at the time, and DC for some reason stopped printing out trade paperback collections of it, but I like it a lot so far. Like Al Rothstein, Jack Knight has the weight of a legacy on him, being the son of the Golden Age Starman Ted Knight, and also multiple others carrying the Starman name, but also trying to forge his own destiny as a hero, not to mention wearing a kickass and simple costume of tank goggles, a star rod, sheriff’s star, T-shirt, boots, and black leather jacket. Why else would my WordPress profile pic be me in a Starman cosplay? The guy is friggin awesome! Actually, he mocked his father and legacy, but circumstances forced him to grow as a man, such as his brother getting killed while trying to be the new Starman, and then as a hero when he took up the mantle of Starman, but only if his father would use his scientific mind to help mankind. There were plans to make a Starman TV show years ago, but got scrapped due to the Birds of Prey show not doing so well. With superhero shows being all the rage, the Arrowverse having 3 shows, with the possibility of Supergirl (which I think also referenced Opal City too) being added and widening it, why not have Jack Knight in there too? Heck, maybe have him be in LOT, then give him his own show. Seems perfect for it, given his backstory, character, development, storylines, and again there were plans to make a show for him. All DC has to do is reach for the stars with this.

So those are my FIRST top 10 choices of characters to appear in DC’s Legends of Tomorrow. Hopefully I will get another list up soon. Let me know what your ideas and choices would be for future appearances in LOT. Until then, see ya!

Legends of Tomorrow pic



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