Convergence #8 Comic Review

Convergence #8

Rating: 2/5

Writer(s): Jeff King and Scott Lobdell

Artist(s): Stephen Segovia, Carlo Pagulayan, Eduardo Pansica, Ethan Van Sciver, Jason Paz, Scott Hanna, Trevor Scott, and Peter Steigerwald

It’s finally friggin OVER. While the story as a whole isn’t entirely terrible, it just felt bloated, boring, nonsensical even for a superhero comic and crossover, and really inconsequential given the ending for it and what led up to it. Forever Evil may have been a bit bloated and prolonging, but at least it was exciting and there were stakes in it. Convergence, on the other hand, was just bleh. The story focused on mostly the Earth 2 characters rather than involving everything DC for the entire story, New 52 universe didn’t appear until the sixth issue and even then they didn’t play that much of a role other than “wait and see” which they still do even in THIS issue (HOW ARE THESE PEOPLE SUPERHEROES? HOW? TELL ME HOW?!!!!!), kept switching from antagonist to antagonist with each one overpowered until some tiny thing beats them and renders them useless, pacing was on/off at various points, A LOT of the story was told in tie-ins (which I might get to, I did read some of them and they were pretty good), and in the end it didn’t really matter because everything turned out fine, which I’ll get to.

With Parallax Hal Jordan having killed Deimos, the energy of time-travellers is unleashed and somehow causes reality to unravel. If Deimos absorbed their power and if killing him unleashes it, wouldn’t those characters come back? Again, I’m not sure if the time-travellers he got the power from were killed or not. Also, why is it that sometimes when a powerful villain is destroyed, it results in more bad things happening? At least The Flash season one finale made sense, with Eddie Thawne killing himself, Eobard doesn’t exist, therefore altering events that he caused since traveling back in time and messing with space-time continuum. Deimos gets killed, reality is doomed, poof just like that. And how is Hal Jordan able to destroy Deimos? He wasn’t able to before and now all of a sudden he does? Granted, he has both the power of the Central Power Battery and a living embodiment of fear possessing him, so I guess that puts him on par with Deimos.

Telos, New 52 Booster Gold, Michelle Carter (Booster’s sister), and Waverider (pre-Flashpoint Booster Gold; I’ll get to him when I cover the tie-ins) summon super mega giant Brainiac to help fix things. He explains that after Flashpoint, he decided to become the smartest being in ALL UNIVERSES by merging with his alternate selves but it’s also somehow killing him. Reluctantly, they all work together to return to their universes and timelines, but super mega giant Brainiac is unable to return the Earth 2 characters to their own universe because of residual effects from Crisis on Infinite Earths. In order to stop this, the event must be prevented from happening. Pre-Crisis versions of Supergirl and Barry Allen are sent back to restore the timeline of that event, while Parallax and pre-Flashpoint Superman go with them to help out. And this somehow makes everything better. Wait, what?

The multiverse is restored, with the universes having “evolved” from what they were before in previous stories depicting them, to what they are now, I think. The Earth 2 characters are left on the Telos planet, which has now been transported into their universe. Telos, appearing as a Zordon or Mufasa head in the sky, tells them he now remembers who he is, is going to find his family, and wishes them luck on their new world. The Earth 2 heroes go to find the refugees of their old world. The End.

Holy moley this comic, and the whole Convergence story, sucks. Again, it wasn’t too bad, but it just kept dragging on and on and on and on and on! It could’ve just been condensed to four issues, or at least have more excitement to it. The writing wasn’t bad, but the pacing kept going on and off, never a single level of consistency. The artwork is fine, but I hate it when it keeps changing, causing a lot of inconsistencies as to how events, locations, and characters are depicted, though with this last issue it kinda made sense in some moments, like with the showcasing of the multiverse having “evolved”. And this was all just so DC could bide time while they moved their headquarters from New York to California and then enact the REAL event, “Darkseid War”.

But what really ticks me off was what Convergence was meant to be and failed at it. It was supposed to be an epic crossover, having had build-up with the weekly series Futures End and World’s End, I guess, though it doesn’t seem like they ended up playing much of a major factor aside from carrying certain characters and having them make up the majority of the story, instead of having EVERYTHING from all corners of DC continuity, in lack of a better word, CONVERGING together (see what I did there? yeah I know bad joke) and stuff happening. Forty tie-ins were published and probably turned out better than the main story, mostly because they featured versions of characters that fans, including myself, loved, such as Wally West Flash, Roy Harper Arsenal, Ryan Choi Atom, Stephanie Brown Batgirl, and others, returning and resolving plot threads left unresolved because of New 52 happening, and not only ending up helping out in the main story, but actually acting like and being SUPERHEROES instead of the jackholes in New 52 (though not ALL are bad, just a lot of them). This was apparently going to end The New 52, but really it ended the branding, not the universe, so it’s like ripping off a bandaid on a guy’s crotch, but the wound is still there and the privates were already cut off before bandaging and not reattached because they were fed to a dog.

I could get into my issues with New 52 and how this comic was a culmination of sorts of those issues, but bottom line is that this comic didn’t end it. It’s still being used. It’s the same continuity. Superman and Wonder Woman are still in a relationship for some contrived reason, Wally is no longer a Flash and has been butchered as a character for me (I’ll get to that at some point), most superheroes act like jackholes who think they’re superior to everything, especially the Justice League at times, everyone is skeptical and outrightly hostile to superheroes (annoying, but sometimes in the case of aforementioned JL, it makes sense), continuity is all off in a lot of places despite attempts to keep everything in line, and a whole other mess of problems. At least Marvel, until Secret Wars 2015 (I am NOT calling it “Secret Wars”, which I might get to as well) made it clear that when they made comics featuring alternate versions of characters, they made it apparent it was the case, so there was an option to follow those alternate comics or the regualr comics. DC, on the other hand, decided to reboot everything and make it all modernized, dark, and gritty, to the point of stupidity, though sometimes smart and enjoyable, depending on which comic (if it got to last long enough before getting cancelled) for the regular universe, even though they kinda already had that (and still using it, thankfully) with Earth One.

Convergence may have resolved some things, but not everything like it should. And seeing as how “Darkseid War” is turning out, it may not have even mattered. But it was kind of fun while it lasted, I guess.


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