Convergence #7 Comic Review

Convergence #7

Rating: 3/5

Writer(s): Jeff King and Scott Lobdell

Artist(s): Aaron Lopresti, Mark Morales, and Peter Steigerwald

Things are almost finally coming to a close in this issue, yet some things are thrown in and make it confusing. There’s this giant monolith thing called “the great Oracle”, and Cyborg has good sense to question what it is, to which Batman explains that Superman encountered it before in some story, which isn’t even given a text reference or anything within the comic, so I have no idea. Superman is finally out of the “wait and see” mode and starts trying to save people, which include characters from Stormwatch (wait I thought they got killed or something?), and to provide more inconsistency, while the other New 52 heroes from last issue return, Guy Gardner is now a Green Lantern again, though previously he was a Red Lantern. Consistency, what’s that?

Deimos’s faction and the Earth 2 heroes and their allies all fight each other. Granted, it’s kinda tiring to see heroes fighting each other again and again, and yes there’s villains too particpating as well, but at least it makes sense within the context of this story, since they’re all fighting for survival. Though again what is it with Captain Marvel being a murderous psychopath? I know there was a Shazam tie-in miniseries, but I didn’t read it so did it end with Billy Batson suddenly having a thirst for blood and have childlike glee when hurting people as Captain Marvel?

The tide turns when Telos shows up and starts beating Deimos, but it’s at a stalemate since Deimos is an all-powerful sorcerer who also absorbed the power of time-travelers. Some characters die fighting Deimos once everyone realizes that he’s gonna destroy them all anyway. Telos starts using his planet powers against Deimos but it still isn’t enough. The Hal Jordan version of Parallax from Zero Hour attacks Deimos and finally kills him, but this results in reality about to unravel.

Things are finally coming to a head and it’s not a moment too soon. The pacing and action is great, but after the previous issues, no matter the highs and lows, the story is just boring. While there seemingly is a lot at stake, it doesn’t seem to be really compelling enough, since it’s been carried out primarily by the Earth 2 characters for most of the story and again New 52 isn’t really playing much of a role besides cleanup duty. And again there’s some inconsistency as to plot details like this Oracle thing, Guy Gardner being a GL again for no reason despite being an RL previously, and other stuff. The artwork makes the characters look more rounded and have a sense of individuality despite a lot of them crowding various panels and pages.

But again, it’s almost over…


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