Convergence #6 Comic Review

Convergence #6

Rating: 3/5

Writer(s): Jeff King and Scott Lobdell

Artist(s): Ed Benes, Eduardo Pansica, Trevor Scott, Scott Hanna, Wayne Faucher, and Peter Steigerwald

So, after SIX ISSUES (plus the zero issue), the New 52 universe comes into play in this story. Okay, technically the New 52 was involved with this story from the beginning, having Superman in the zero issue and the revised version of Earth 2 taking up most of the story so far until now, but it took up til near the end for the New 52 universe to show up? It’s just another example of how this isn’t much of a crossover and more of a showcase of Earth 2, with additional stuff.

The Telos planet starts to appear in New 52 universe, with the Justice League, Justice League United, some of the Red Lanterns (Guy Gardner being their leader, which I wasn’t too thrilled about but whatever), Superman (having no memory of zero issue) Supergirl (in her New 52 outfit again no less; seriously, what is that red patch thing? it’s not underwear, doesn’t look like an extension of her costume, doesn’t cover much around her private area, and didn’t she get a costume change? why is she back to her original New 52 outfit?), and a few others. Superman says they just need to stand ready and prepare, when really they could go in and help out. Others like a Monitor (wait, what’s a Monitor with you? lol; ok bad joke but really what’s a Monitor doing here? I get that they observe multiverse stuff in DC but there hasn’t been an appearance of ANY Monitors since New 52 started) Darkseid, and even the Guardians of the Universe (ok, if these are the surviving Malthusians from Geoff Johns’ run, why do they look like their jerkwad predecessors? Or are these the jerkwad Guardians? Explanation, what’s that?), merely sit and observe too. And I’m just sitting, observing, and making snarky nerdy jokes in parentheses.

Anyway, Deimos is continuing his generic overlord villain grandeur by telling everyone they’ll serve him or die. Characters from various timelines and universes are encountering one another and finally come to the logical sense that they should unite and stop Deimos.Telos is going through his brooding phase, traumatized about what Brainiac did to him and feeling guilty of what he was forced to do, lost and lonely and with no purpose. Earth 2 Dick Grayson, looking for him, makes him realize that he has the power to change things for the better and can turn the tide against Deimos, which he does by getting them together and fight him, but Deimos has a surprise of his own and has gathered his own forces of characters of various timelines and universes, also with a pretty sinister Captain Marvel (DC version before being referred to as Shazam) for some reason.

It’s great to see all these characters coming together, and despite New 52 universe FINALLY being featured, it barely plays a role other than a “wait and see” type of thing. Telos is more fleshed out and starts regaining his powerhouse status again, mixing it in with Dick Grayson’s hero journey. The artwork is good, but again I still have gripes with changing artists in a limited series, yet it’s good to see different visual takes on these characters.

And it’s almost over…


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