Convergence #5 Comic Review

Convergence #5

Rating: 2/5

Writer: Jeff King

Artist(s): Andy Kubert, Sandra Hope, and Brad Anderson

Remember when I said that issue #4 was the best one? Yeah, it goes downhill from here in this one.

There’s more reveal about who Telos is, but not everything. All that’s shown is that super mega giant Brainiac came to his world and turned him into something else, a servant or quite possibly…a herald. Gee, does that sound familiar? *cough*Galactus and Silver Surfer*cough*. I am NOT KIDDING. This is just like Galactus and Silver Surfer, only with super mega giant Brainiac and Telos. I mean, really? I know DC and Marvel tend to rip off each other a lot, but this is ridiculous!

And Deimos is the one to reveal all this while kicking the crap out of Telos. Way to go for buildup on him. I know it’s a common thing for some villains to be overpowered, but then some teensy thing happens and then they’re second bananas. Deimos just then proceeds to wipe the floor with all the Earth 2 heroes and allies, including Superman, some random guy with a mace for a hand that just showed up out of nowhere, super mega giant Brainiac (I think), and Warlord himself. Yeah I know he was in last issue but not much can be said for his appearance. And what’s the point of the cover if the hero fighting the villain loses? It looks friggin awesome, a barbarian and a sorcerer about to duke it out, Warlord is riding a triceratops charging in, and then Deimos just turns him to dust. What was the point of all that? Warlord, like Thomas Wayne in issue #3, did understand that he may not make it out alive, having just lost his beloved Tara, but at least Thomas took down villains with him. Warlord barely gets to hurt Deimos. I may not have read any Warlord comics, but from what I looked up he’s a popular character and was created by Mike Grell, the guy who did Green Arrow: The Longbow Hunters and several other Green Arrow comics. It just goes to show the efforts that DC is making to give fans and fan-favorite characters the middle finger. It’s completely pointless!

Dick Grayson’s narration in this issue just gets annoying. Sure, his hero’s journey continues, but whatever. Yolanda gets trapped with Deimos, who proceeds to tell everyone that they must all serve him or die. Gee, barely sounds different than when Telos did it, but I guess because he’s a sorcerer that counts as different.

The artwork is fine, but I really hate it when there’s an artist change, especially with miniseries. When it comes to ongoings, it makes sense because they can run for who knows how long. But this is an 8-issue, plus zero issue, miniseries! Have some friggin consistency!

Just a few more to go…


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