Convergence #4 Comic Review

Convergence #4

Rating: 3/5

Writer: Jeff King

Artist(s): Stephen Segovia, Jason Paz, and Peter Steigerwald

Long story short: This is probably the best issue so far of the comic. It still has its problems with the stilted dialogue and narration, but it’s got somewhat good characterization, depending on which characters.

It’s become clear that part of this story involves a hero’s journey of sorts for Dick Grayson. I have no problem with that. He gets his back and legs “fixed” by Telos and actually serves as a pretty good foil for Telos, trying to convince him that all life is precious and this “experiment” of his shouldn’t be carried out. And even Telos is more fleshed out, as his backstory is hinted at and he starts questioning his reasoning for following super mega giant Brainiac, but feels he has no choice. It’s kinda touching, really.

And then you got Deimos. Why was this guy added as another villain? It’s way too obvious that he’s a villain, especially in the way he talks and fights, always saying “death to all” and “we must kill”. Makes me want to facepalm myself. And what is his objective, one might wonder? Well, it’s to take over the world! [insert M.Bison shouting “of course!” meme here]. Okay, maybe not exactly in those words as he talks in the comic, but it’s fairly obvious he wants to dominate everything and gain ultimate power. At least the heroes were realizing that he was evil instead of being stupidly shocked by it. Though what confuses me is Deimos “absorbing” powers from other time travellers like Hourman android, Per Degaton, Monarch (again, not sure which version), Extant (Hank Hall after he got more power and abandoned Monarch identity, which makes this confusing), and a couple others, imprisoned, because first they’re trapped and then they vanish after he’s done, so did he kill them? Never explained, so who knows. Also, super mega giant Brainiac is also imprisoned. I don’t know how, but apparently it happened in another comic, which is also confusing seeing as how he was up and walking around in the zero issue.

This issue is hit and miss, but it’s so far the best of the series. Jeff King seems to get the hang of writing most of these characters, while some are pretty one-dimensional. Same goes for the artwork. Some moments are fine, while some are kinda weird-looking. Maybe it’ll get better…maybe.


One comment

  1. hortah01 · June 11, 2015

    Nice review. Ive been skeptical of Convergence so I haven’t picked any of it up.


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